Zelda at 2 months old

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I broke my regular routine to drive an hour to my brother’s place to see him and his family. It’s been two months since I’ve visited my nephew and his new puppy Zelda. I was shocked to see how much she’s grown. She’s doubled her size and she’s as naughty as ever!

It was hard to get this gal to stay still.

My main goal was to capture her pretty eyes.

My nephew loves his new sister!

Zelda’s older brother Cooper (who is a pom-chi) isn’t happy about sharing his toys. He’s lucky that he’s faster than Zelda (for now) because she wants whatever he has.

He’s having an even harder time in the attention department. He tries to jump into everyone’s lap before Zelda gets close and constantly begs for affection.

Zelda’s been doing okay, even with a grumpy older brother. She’s big enough to push Cooper away when he tries to start fights with her.

She’s adorable! I’ll have to try to visit more often but I’m sure she’ll be fully grown the next time I see her!

Thanks for stopping by!🦊

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hihi!!!!! ZELDA!!!! cutie!!!! <3 <3 <3
look at my dogo!!! her name is chelo hehe :D

check her ig if you want :) @chelotheshibae <3

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Your nephew looks very happy with his pet you notice that they love him very much! Also is true remember the first publication you did on this puppy and grown too much that dog will be huge

OMG ZELDA !!!! She's grown heaps !!! That's just in 2 months, too! Amazing * ___ * She's so beautiful <3 Her icy blue eyes are really gorgeous <3 <3

Great photos, foxi ! What a wonderful update to this pupperino's life <3

And Cooper's very adorable, also hahahaha <3 I love both doggos <3 <3 <3

A husky and a pomchi?!!!!?!!!! WAAAAAHHHH so good and totally awesome, I would give them 10 hugs each. Awww the big brother is getting a bit insecure in his throne of cuteness, though looking at his lil black ears there's no need for him to feel that way. And Zelda is growing up nicely, I hope they will give her a lot of exercise since husky can be pretty full on if they lack engagement from the owners.      
Very nice photos and animation, foxxie ^___^.      

OMG what a gorgeous puppy. Those blue eyes though hard to get a pic of lol certainly are amazing.

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So adorable!

A fine puppy. Soon she will be a grown up dog 😊

Those eyes! Aw, who can't resist playing with puppies. I got to see some amazing dogs at my outing yesterday, a beautiful weimereiner and a gorgeous doberman.

Oh my goodness, she is gorgeous! Is she a malamute? Those eyes are amazing. I can imagine how Cooper must be behaving... we were cat-sitting last week, and poor Pepper was feeling very jealous of all the attention being given to the kitty. lol

zeldaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what a beautyyy

Pet pet, hug hug! :3