Freya the neighborhood cat

in blog •  2 months ago

Not exactly my neighborhood but the neighborhood around @caffetto.

This has probably been my third or fourth sighting of this lovely creature named Freya. I’m always on the hunt for friendly neighborhood cats when I’m in the city. I’ll chase and sprint towards any critter to abruptly stop and lovingly call out to them. Caring for a feral kitty would also be a dream but they run even if I have food to offer.

I met Freya on the walk to my car. She was perched up on the side of a building, meowing for attention. I stopped to give her a few pets and laughed at her name tag.

I see her outside of @caffetto often. She’s usually hiding in the bushes, hunting for birds and squirrels.

Her tag reads, “Hello, my name is Freya. Outside is my happy place.”

The back says, “Don’t call Mom unless I’m hurt.”

I hope the next kitten I get is as sweet, social and as smart as she is. My cats were never good outdoors. One would sleep in the middle of the street and the other would stalk the people to pounce on.

I hope everyone receives a lot of love today!

Happy Caturday!!🦊

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What a sweet cat, to let you pet her like that. And really cool of her human to give so much info on her tag... there are some cats who just love hanging around in the neighborhood.
Happy Caturday! =^..^=

I like the publications about cats, and I have two beautiful kittens, which make me company and offer me a lot of love, I'm glad that there are people who also like cats and care for them. Congratulations!!

Nice color pattern on her, too. She's almost leopard-esque! Sleeping in the middle of the street sounds uncomfortable and dangerous. Someone didn't pay attention at kitty school!

So sweet. I am a sap for cats too. Just love them.