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As I wrote in my intro post, I really want to encourage women around the world to step up and start their own journey in high tech, cyber, programming etc (it is a vast field).

So I will tell part of it in this post, however, before that there is the language gap.
Yes, language gap as in if you can't or won't learn English, it will be pretty tough.

you probably are raising an eyebrow right now, but this is a real issue, I was blessed with English lessons since well, grade school, but not all countries does that, also even in my country (it is in the middle east, thank you for asking), there are 2-4 levels of english amongst the population:

  1. none.
  2. basic english.
  3. intermediate (high schoolers slang)
  4. fluent
    I think my english is in between 3 to 4 .

And why English may be an obstacle you ask?
Most (if not all) of the programming languages are using the alphabet of the english language and have syntax and preserved words that are similar to english or are actual english words.

If you are not a citizen of an english speaking country you are in a disadvantage, and you will need one more level/layer of learning (which is not bad, but can hold you back a bit) , on top of the abstract/intangible concepts and terms in programming you must learn to understand how things work.

After learning English, we need to see if the field matches you or not, not all people as suited to work in the high tech field, as not all people can study medicine, or practice law (you get the idea).

My two cents to you, as to whom this field is best suited for:

  1. Women who love to learn.
  2. Women who have logical thinking.
  3. Creative people.
  4. Adaptive people (you really need to be flexible).
  5. Women who aren't afraid of hard work and complex ideas.

If you have only the first two criteria (#5 is also important), you absolutely can dive into the high tech world, although it is preferable (by me, no one else) that you have all of them.

Don't worry, I'll start to dive more into technical notes later, but for now, I wanted to see if my english is on par or not.
If it is, comment down below what interests you the most in the field, and I'll try to write my next column/post on it .

You know what- the first three comments with different topics will have seperate posts of their own and of course I'll mention the name of the commentor- how does it sound? cool?

till next time,

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