[VIDEO] Need Help with Legal Fees after False Arrest

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I have less than a week now to raise the $3500 my lawyer wants to defend me or I walk into court with no representation. I am terrified that if I do not have a lawyer on October 15th, 2018 when I go back to court that I will wind up getting convicted of a crime I am innocent of, all because I legally defended myself.

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If there is anything whatsoever you can do to help PLEASE PLEASE help. I do not deserve to go to prison or have a felony record which is what will likely happen if I don't get my lawyer paid in time. For those wondering why I don't have the money read below:

So a month before my arrest I bought a vehicle, a 2006 Hummer H3 because my old van just wasn't worth putting any more money into. I had saved up $6,000 of the $9200 I paid for the vehicle but had to borrow the other $3200 from my employer. At the time of my arrest I still owed my boss $1200 on that. Then I because of the arrest he had to spend $1,000 to bond me out of jail and another $800 to get my semi truck out of jail (impound). Leaving me owing him a total of $3,000.

To make matters worse, because the police lied and said I lived in Illinois to get Felony Review to tell them to charge me with a felony I am not allowed to leave the state of Illinois. Which means my pay has been cut more than in half since I can only run a couple little short loads a week within the state. So all my pay is going to pay back my boss right now. I still owe him as of today $1400; that's the $1000 bond and $400 on the Impound Fee. When I get paid next Friday I will still owe him probably about $800 and have to go to court the following Monday....so there is no time for me to come up with the money from working. Yes I have a very nice boss but asking him for another $3500 right now might cost me my job and my place to live and then I still wouldn't have a lawyer.


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