I bought a Ugreen USB-C HUB (USB-C to USB3.0 & HDMI) for my MacBook Pro.

in blog •  9 months ago

So recently I bought myself a MacBook Pro. One of those very cool new ones with only USB-C ports on it ;).

As I hardly ever plug in external peripherals I didn't really need a USB-C hub but a few days ago, while browsing the wonder that is AliExpress I noticed some very sleek looking hubs from the Ugreen brand.

I decided to order one and it cost me about $25. I went for one with USB3.0 ports on it and an HDMI port, because occasionally I need to present stuff on big LED TV's that companies have nowadays.

Here are a few pictures from the store that's selling them on AliExpress:

Schermafbeelding 2018-05-30 om 23.51.53.png

Schermafbeelding 2018-05-30 om 23.52.09.png

When it arrives I will write a short review of the device and make some photos of my own so you can see how it looks in real life. Stay tuned!

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good news share. thanks

I hope it is as expected! I got the HooToo one cause it also supports SD cards.


Ah yes, I thought about getting on with an SD slot as well... but the last time I used one was perhaps 3 years ago... So HDMI and USB was what I needed.


Yeah, makes sense. I tend to use it for a camera now and then though :)