5 Instagram Accounts that Inspire Me

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Hey guys!

I’ve been loving Instagram so much lately. I know how some people think that going on Instagram can bring jealousy and negativity but for me, Instagram is a platform to get creative and inspired.

I’ve put together a list of my favorite Instagrammers that inspire me. For me, these Instagram accounts share valuable advice on personal development, health, lifestyle, travel and so much more.


1. Daniel Inskeep & Rachel Gulotta || @danielinskeep & @rachelgulotta

The best combo ever! I first came across their video on Youtube and fell immediately in love with their vibe, cinematography, story-telling, weirdness and so much more.

What Inspires Me || There’s so many photographers and film-makers out there but Daniel and Rachel are unlike others.
Words from Rachel || "People are always like, “yeah, the photo is only good because of the model.” so we take pictures of people who aren’t models and they’re like, “yeah, the photo is only good because you’re shooting in a beautiful city.” so we take pictures in ugly locations and they’re like, “yeah, the photo is only good because your gear is expensive.” so here is a photo of my sister who isn’t a model in the ugly, small town where i first learned how to shoot a camera and monetize photography, and it’s shot on a trash can camera that has no way of focusing. and it turns out you’re right. it’s a garbage photo (and i love it so much). so stop making excuses and go shoot if you want and stop taking your insecurities out on me or whatever. have a blessed day, baby."

2. Sorelleamore || @sorelleamore

Sorelle describes herself as a filmmaker in Progress but with her advanced selfies, I think she is on another level. I never knew one can be creative with selfies until I saw her Instagram account.

What inspires me ||The way I see it, Sorelle is all about loving yourself and be confident. After reading her story where she was depressed and now she is just enjoying herself, it gives me hope that my time will come soon. She also keeps emphasizing that you have to try again and again to be better than you are today.
Words from Sorelle || "Why do most of us forget the priority to look after ourselves? Why did it become the norm to squirm and shy away from admitting the God or Goddess within? Ugh. Gross.
You are worthy, you are desirable, you are powerful beyond measure.
No need to belittle yourself just because society has made it the accepted norm.
I don’t know about you, but I like people better when we can admire our human form and spirit and discuss ideas on how to improve this rad human experience instead of wonder if the guy or girl will call you back or whether you hair looks good.
You’re an incredible creation. Own your shit squirt."


3. Jordan taylor Wright || @taylorcutfilm

I know I had to include Jordan Taylor Wright Instagram account into this list. Jordan’s profile is in another league. Dreamy. Inviting. Breathtaking. Magical - all these words come into my mind as I scroll through his feed.

What Inspires Me || I love Jordan’s dreamy, magical photos with his meaningful caption - specifically the way his account inspires his followers to not fear change and to be present
Words from Jordan || "Our reality is a mirror reflection of our current state of awareness. Do not be fooled by your outward appearance, our notion of self is simply a projection of our ego’s perception. We are not how the world sees us, but rather we’re a reflection of how we see the world. Once we truly open ourselves up to realize that at our core, we’re the same universal light that is within all living matter, then we free ourselves up to our awareness, which is the understanding that the entire universe exists within us. Be present, and filled with gratitude, and your world will become a clear vision of your love’s expression. We are the magic we wish to find within."


4. Kayla Itsines || @kayla_itsines

Kayla Itsines is an online fitness trainer who encourages you to focus on yourself, be healthy and to love yourself. Scrolling through her Instagram account, you will see transformation photos of her followers that use her BBG program. Nothing is more encouraging than to see proof that “If they can do it, I can do it too!”

What Inspires Me || Whenever I’m not in the mood to workout on some days, scrolling through Instagram and come across Kayla’s account will suddenly motivates me to get up and get that body goal! Not only seeing how strong she is makes me want to be strong, her positivism and encouragement really is a form of motivation for me.
Words from Kayla || "Ladies, always ALWAYS have respect for yourself, always be the bigger person, always do the right thing by others and NEVER forget your worth and what YOU deserve. You may be in a bad place now, but if you are a good person - good things are coming to you - because you deserve it!"


5. Nacho Diaz Arjona || @naolito

I feel so blessed to have come across Nacho’s account. He produces the cutest art I have ever seen. (And they are funny too!). Looking at his arts make me wanna produce cute arts too (only I’m not as creative as him).

What inspires me || Nacho is really passionate about his work so he gets his inspiration from everywhere, anytime. And most importantly, he is having fun!
Words from Nacho || "Practice! Be demanding with yourself and always try to improve your art no matter how successful you are."



Just like how surrounding yourself with optimistic, successful people can add value to your life, this applies in Instagram as well. Who you follow has a great impact on how you view your world!

So there you have it - 5 inspiring Instagram accounts! I hope you found some inspiration and let me know any Instagram accounts that inspire you!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I hope you like it and if you do, do poke the upvote button!!
With Love,
Vael Riey

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Everything looks so artistic!


I know right! That's why I love them! :D

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