Back to school: I'm finally learning to drive!

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Today I started my basic course and journey towards learning how to drive!
It is something I have wanted to do since I became old enough, but neither have I had the belief that I could go through with it, or the economy to even start.

But today it actually happened, and I'm back to school. I even got homework!
Norway is one of the countries in the world with the most complicated system when it comes to taking a driver's license, and maybe also the one with most traffic rules. We are also a country with very few traffic accidents compared to other countries, so at least I feel a bit safe to do it here.

But sitting in a classroom surrounded by 16 year olds, having a drawing contest, and getting homework; that really reminded me of how boring it is to go to school.

Just as it was back in my school days, my notes are 80% doodles and 20% text.


Only 4 days left of the course and I'm allowed to practice drive with @xtetrahedron!

For lunch I treated us with some amazing fried rice filled with loads of tumeric and other spices:



Stay tuned at @ambrosiacafe for awesome vegan recipes! ❤️

Love from Emilie / @umulius! 🌱

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