Troubles? Well What Are They?

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 Many a times, we, in our lives find ourselves encountering despairing events that tend to squeeze out all the hopefulness from within inside our souls. Yes, such hard times are very difficult to bear, as it tends to not only drain yourself out physically and emotionally but it also teaches you a very good lesson about the actual reality of life and the real face of people.  You got your friends, family members, loved ones, who always remain with you in your good times, they show their endearment, their commitment cannot have the best of form as during these good times. Every friend of yours would be willing to reach out to you, to meet you, to greet you, to hold you tight. This is the time when you feel yourself to be truly blessed, having the presence of so many friends make you feel on top of the world, makes you become omnipotent. 
But yes, this is not always the case, every exaltation has a ruination, every beauty has to fade away one day, every healthy individual has to fall sick one day, every living man has to experience the taste of death. So is the case with happiness. The one who enjoys the most being happy, may also face the shattering happenings of his lifetime/ Life has no guarantee, you just cannot forecast the future events. What life teaches you, is to remain obedient of whatever GOD ALMIGHTY has bestowed on you, to remain grateful even in the times of calamities serve to gain an eternal love of ALMIGHTY ALLAH, because ALMIGHTY loves those who always accept whatever has been bestowed upon them, no matter how bad the events may be, and never show grumbling attitude over their miseries.  

The attributes having paramount importance in such despairing moments need to be embraced by every living soul, without the existence of such faith, none could be able to get themselves out of the hot water. Besides this, one should not be very much dependant on others, since this world is a temporary place, people here don’t really care about others feelings or emotions, what they only care is to get benefited out of every situation. People would pretend that yes they understand your situation, they are worried about your problems, but in reality, they aren’t. 

Only your loved ones in your family might be able to help you out in such daunting events, but if you expect passion from your friends and every stranger you come across, and if you start sharing your problems with those people, you will only be left distressed and alone. This is where, the supreme power of GOD ALMIGHTY comes in, and paves the way for hopefulness and joy for such suffering souls. This is the time of criticality, that has lot to offer to the mankind, only if they are able to see through the ray of optimism, they would stand triumphant. Man, has to be very calm and focused during such trying situations, as it is a true test of his nerves and patience, one wrong and impetuous decision/act would obstruct the path of happiness and success.

 Therefore, it is wisely said and preached that “Mightier are those who have great patience in troubled times, anger and intimidation comes out of cowardice, patience is a virtue which is a noble habit of only commendable souls”.  


Source: Pixabay

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