Tom Ogle - Vapor Fuel System

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Vapor Fuel System

You probably have never heard of him. Thomas Ogle o Tom Ogle (1953 - August 19, 1981) he was an American mechanic and inventor.

He was involved in the invention in a system of admission of fuel vapor, in the year of 1977, for all automobiles. Your system can be placed on any engine of an existing car and allow the car to travel 150 kilometers with a gallon of gasoline.

The system consisted of a fuel economy system for an internal combustion engine that, when installed in a motor vehicle, avoids the need for a conventional carburetor, the fuel pump and the gas tank. The system works by vacuuming the engine to extract the fuel vapors from a steam tank through a steam duct for a steam equalizer, which is placed directly on the intake manifold of the engine. The steam tank is made of high strength steel or similar, to withstand the large vacuum pressure and includes an air inlet valve for control next to the accelerator pedal. The steam equalizer ensures the distribution of the correct mixture of air and steam to the cylinders of the engine for combustion and also includes its own air inlet valve for control next to the accelerator pedal. The system uses the steam that retards the filters in the steam duct, the steam tank and a steam equalizer to supply the steam / air mixture for proper operation. The steam and fuel tank it contains is heated by running the engine coolant through a duct inside the tank. Due to the very thin fuel blends used by the present invention, fuel efficiency in more than one hundred miles per gallon can be achieved.

  • The coal comes from unburned gas, we burn everything.
  • You will no longer have the need to have all catalytic converters for air.

Tom Ogle, What The Oil Companies do Not Want?


He claimed that the emissions were clean enough that you could dry your hair with the exhaust. He also claimed that it was a very complex system, which would cause the owner many problems.

Kill by Oil Corporations

This invention amazed the automotive industry and in fact, a representative of Shell Oil approached in 1978 and offered him $20 million dollars for the patent and the plans for his invention.

He refused, stating categorically that Shell would simply put aside the idea and that this invention would never be seen again.

He had been shot and wounded outside a bar in El Paso, Texas, in the early summer of 1981. He claimed that armed people were chasing him for his patent.

Tom Ogle was found dead of an apparent overdose of Darvon and intoxication from heavy drinking on August 19, 1981. He had acknowledged that he drank, but never so strong to go to the hospital.

Shortly before his death, a partner had been killed when a car they were working with fell off his cat.
The Darvon is the weakest link in the report where its cause of death is marked as suicide: Darvon is an opioid analgesic. It has no indication of being dangerous and Ogle had no history of its use.

In addition, he had no immediate history of pain that required this opioid analgesic.

The theory states that he was killed by an assassin hired by Shell, which made it look like suicide. Actually patented the fuel system, on December 11, 1979, with patent number 4177179.

Three months after his death, his original plans and plans disappeared from the Patent Office in Washington, DC.

"We remember Tom Ogle".



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