Let's Make Pron

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I love Pron Hub, joke, this post isn't about pron! You've been pranked bro! It's a prank!

I am sorry, I have to do that. This post isn't about pron at all and yes, I'm intentionally misspelling it, its fucking PORN in case you're a child who can read this very intellectual post with high IQ requirements.

This post is an entry for a contest about eating sandwiches halfway. I do not get the point of this contest but I am doing it anyway, LEL.

Yesterday, for some reason, our dining table has some loaves of bread. I am not a fancy bread eater because I prefer other snacks over it(and its not rice, you racist).

For this contest, I made some sandwiches. I made two sandwiches with two different fillings. A peanut butter sandwich and a white cheese sandwich. Why? I'm flexing them to you, isn't it obvious? The contest only wants you to make one sandwich and I am no good listener, we will not follow those rules.


White Cheese Sandwich

For making a white cheese sandwich, one must possess great knowledge about cheese. A good cheese is obtained from a goat that had avoided it's faith from being eaten by a fire breathing crocodile.

The milk of the said goat is squeezed out from it's glands with delicate masterful hands of wamen that had trained day and night for years to be able to squeeze these milk out in such perfection.

Each bottle of these cheese is a certified experience for anyone who consumes them that leads the said person into Nirvana once his or her tongue touches the very first smudge of the said cheese.

Partnered with the slices of bread made out of the finest wheat, this bread can be associated with the words deluxe, exquisite and opulent.
As I take my first bite tears gushed into my cheeks bringing me back to that day that I was born. I just realized how miraculous my life it that I started to appreciate everything. Thanks to this bread.
And with the contest saying that you should not finish your bread, I took a snap of it and then consumed it. Wasting is bad ya know.


Peanut Butter Sandwich

The peanut butter sandwich is believed to be a food served to Gods. Each peanut used for the filling is farmed from an ancient tree called Juglandaceae a tree that has believed to took part on important events in man kind. To cut it short, this tree is some kind of a national tree.

To use the peanut butter, get a spoon or small knife and take some from the bottle. Spread it over the bread,
Put another slice of bread over the spreaded part of the other bread.
And eat it!

I just got tired of that story telling part I did, LOL. That's how advertisements work by the way. LOL

Everything here is mine except for Filthy Frank's photo and I am not planning to share any bread to anyone



How would a contest about eating a sandwich halfway get judged???

with the ingredients.


btw, join us in whaleshares. it takes only a few hours for an account to be verified

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