Life: A Story With No Plot

in #blog5 years ago

My greatest crime on earth was not being the perfect model for a boy. I'm sorry for not living up to the world's expectations. I just wish Jack and Jill would understand my case before they judged me.

I wasn't born this way. My mama and papa had a vision for the future, but I decided to find myself. Nothing was wrong with their aspirations. Only that my inspiration was a bit far fetched from their optical and mental illusion. I was living in a completely different world. Call me he black sheep of the family if you want. No that I don't care, I just wish you can spare time to understand the unique lunacy that characterizes me.

We had most of the basic needs as we grew up. That's me and my friends. Alas we just did not have that little important thing among the minor provisions. Please understand that I am not blaming anyone for this because I do appreciate the rest. The thing is I just wish I had what I didn't have back then.

To be continued...

NB: This is a work of fiction and nothing is directly linked to the author or any of his associations.

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