Life: A Story With No Plot

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What if we were to wake up today from a deep sleep and realize that all these years we have thought we lived are just a dream? And in the actual life the idea of communism is the real deal and people practice what they preach.

Quite awkward though, everyone in the same dream at the same time. Maybe we are, we never know! I'm still wondering how it will feel like waking up to share everything you have with everyone. Whilst in the dream you had over five million dollars in your bank account and you spent an average of an hundred dollars on a normal day. When some guy asked for help you would chase them away or maybe fish out a few coins from your pocket and give them.

Come to think of it; this idea of silencing the beggars with coins. Is it not the meanest way of saying "I don't have the time to listen to your nonsense?" Food for thought!

Why do we even have beggars in the first place? Who said they are lazy?

I would love to think that there is more to it besides laziness. How did we end up with the high, middle and low classes?

You see, I have said a lot of stuff in a small amount of words and you are actually trying to understand the differences in our our levels of income and economic statuses. To be frank with you, stop wasting your time because there is no absolute answer to that. The best you can do is just assume and move on with life. By the way, we are not dreaming. This is real life and every minute counts to you and me.

To be continued....

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