Life: A Story With No Plot

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Judging others is very easy until you have been judged. What really is the sense behind the talk of 'I am because we are?' Frankly speaking, there is a deep loophole in the narrative of human life. Take for example if you had the power to control someone else's mind; what would you do?

I know you just had a nasty thought and you smiled for no apparent reason. Stop smiling, this is a serious matter. Why do you even want to control someone else's mind in the first place? If I am because we are then shouldn't we be in a position to coexist without any crazy thoughts towards each other? Alas, we try our best to discredit each other and shove our thoughts and beliefs down someone's throat.

I just don't get it, we are too good at the wrong things.

So I woke up one morning and mistakenly began to think aloud. Note that it's only a mistake because society says so. Personally I believe that I have the right to think louder than myself. Yes! sometimes I talk to myself. The other day mommy was like, "are you talking to yourself?"

Well, I was like; "No! I'm just thinking." Why does it even matter? It's not like I am running mad, is it not what they call dramatic monologue. Like I throw my hands in the air, slap myself on the face and laugh carelessly. I'm just enjoying my own company. Why do you have to call me crazy?

To be continued...

NB: This is a work of fiction and nothing is directly linked to the author or any of his associations.

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