Routine, Scmoutine

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  1. How are we halfway through August almost?? I miss my July koi fish theme😭

  2. I’ve officially been bujo-ing for just over 1 year and am so overly proud of myself for sticking with it. (And improving significantly- if you don’t believe me, 👀 at my instagram posts from a year ago! @trinaskylar)

  3. This July habit tracker is the first, and I mean FIRST habit tracker I have successfully finished. I would always forget about it and miss days and sometimes weeks at a time. But I finally got my shit together after a year and fully filled it out. It can take a long time to form a habit (seriously, a whole year...) but keep going and don’t beat yourself up for forgetting or missing a few days. Once it happens, you’ll feel like a productive ass rockstar⭐️💪🏼💁🏻‍♀️


It’s crazy to think how much my bullet journal has helped me to find my rhythm (and happiness) in the daily grind. I am not a daily routine type person- which can be a difficult thing not to be in a career. But, my bujo is my way to make the monotony of everyday life fun and colorful and mine. So here’s to planning ahead, for once!

I am dreaming of fall weather and the beautiful New England Foliage!

Only a month and a half until my birthday month! I’ll be turning 28 and I’m actually looking forward to it. For some reason 28 has this ring of comfort to it, like everything will fall into place.

Well, happy current or future birthdays to y’all!

Stay steemy, Steemians!

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Honey, I’m homeeeee! :)