Things Might To Get People To Hate You!

in blog •  2 years ago


Hey guys, this time i wanna share about things that make people may hate you. These things might be you've been doing it till now.
So lets see it...

1. The Blame Game - "It Was All Your Fault".
I think everyone has played this at some point. No one likes to be blamed, But to be blamed for ALL of the wrong doing is tough to swallow. The blame game may gets you high on the hate meter pretty quickly.

2. Always Disagree.
When someone says something, no matter what of its, you always disagree. You don’t necessarily need to say the exact opposite. Just dismiss what they’ve said and add your own flavor to it always. If they say the sky is blue, you say it’s actually a shade of indigo. If they say it’s boiling hot outside, you point out that boiling is actually 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Misjudging Time
This one might be the thing that you and me do often. There are people who have a challenge with overbooking, misjudging time and are generally inept with estimation of tasks. We can deal with those people. But, the person who simply says, “I’m late. Deal with it” .... i have no idea for this one.

These things can be used to help, to heal or to hurt. We can use them to save time or to waste time. I’m learning to use less of them. This is partly because I’m still learning how to best use the ones I know.

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