One Foot in Front of the Other 5/8/2018 - New Goals, Motivations, and Life Changing Events!

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Good Day Steemians!

Today begins the first day of my goal of writing a little something every day for a week. Hopefully, by the time I hit that goal, I'll be able to continue on to the second week and so on. I figured there's no time like the present to begin implementing this goal, especially since I've been telling myself I was going to do this for months now, but instead have been largely silent on this platform as of late.

My goal of writing every day, just for the sake of writing and being a part of the community aside, there are a number of other factors that have come into play recently that have stoked my motivation. The chief one being the birth of my daughter. She is now officially 2 weeks old and as beautiful as we could have ever prayed for! However, I have to admit that I completely forgot the extent of exhaustion that comes hand in hand with a newborn. I have been a zombie for the past 2 weeks and am only now just starting to pull myself together. I also did not know that a child that size could poop so much... It has been a much different experience than we had with our son. That being said, having our second child has given me a number of motivations.

The first is that I would like to start opening up and sharing more with the community regarding our family, life with kids, silly stories and the like. I feel this is an easy and honest way to interact and get to know people. I desire to be a part of a community where we can feel free to discuss some of the hilarious yet frustrating moments of parenthood and share tips, tricks, and so much more with one another. I know a lot of people are very conscientious about their privacy, which I understand completely. For that reason, while I may choose to share some of our personal stories and concerns, I do not expect that of others who read and comment here. And while I trust a good number of the people out there and have gotten to know some of you a bit, I will also not be getting into too much personal information, as you never know who will be reading it. Please only share and interact on a level you feel comfortable doing so.

The second motivation is stress relief/a place to lay out my thoughts. While I can always talk to friends and family, sometimes I just prefer to work through my thoughts, concerns, stresses, and frustrations on my own. I feel that it could be quite therapeutic to lay them out in writing. Furthermore, this goes hand in hand with the previous motivation as it gives more opportunities to interact and discuss with others who have experienced similar thoughts, etc.

Finally, having a new child brings about new expenses. While I have never viewed Steemit as a place where I'm going to get rich, I am certainly a fan of the potential it brings forth for additional revenue as well as a platform where people can bring their passions and causes (especially since it permits people, who would otherwise not be able to due to lack of financial resources, to contribute to these causes via upvote). I would never claim to count on it, but I do hope that I might be able to gradually achieve some modest revenue to assist with our added expenses.

Besides all of this, I also want to use this daily update/story/anecdote as a place where I can share new opportunities, helpful information, or advice with others. I will try to keep it brief, but please forgive me for some shameless plugs that I may (will) be throwing in here or there.

Since I already mentioned the shameless plug, I may as well start now. Recently, a former student of mine (I used to teach high school) brought an interesting opportunity to my attention. At first I was quite skeptical, but after seeing the paperwork, speaking with the owner, and gaining a better understanding of the company, it became clear it was legitimate and actually a pretty good deal. This opportunity provides hefty discounts on travel, hotels, concerts, cruises, provides concierge services, legal services, tax services, will services, and more. It also provides opportunities for a passive revenue stream. I could go on, and in future posts I will probably give more details, but for now please feel free to check out the following link:


If you decide to check out the link and are interested, please feel free to contact me at: [email protected] I will gladly answer any questions I can and I'll get you in touch with a higher-up for those that I cannot.

That being said, now that I have the initial post out of the way, I'll go ahead and wrap it up here. I look forward to posting again tomorrow and for any feedback. Take care and God bless!

See you tomorrow,
Tim @tj5553

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