School district drops Mondays to save money

in blog •  18 days ago

What's the easiest way for public schools to save money? How about to not have school in the first place? That seems to be the growing trend, anyway. Our own local district will be shutting down on May 30th this year, a full two weeks earlier than usual. Last year, they took a three week winter break to save money on heating.


But a Minnesota school district is taking it a step further and eliminating Mondays from their schedule. The move will cut 23 days from the school year and save the district $65,000, mostly in transportation costs. The district even says it won't be turning on the heat for those who use the buildings after hours. This is Minnesota, folks...bring a sweater. And a space heater.

I don't want to be a killjoy to all the kids and teens out there planning their future three-day weekends, but I'm not sure that these drastic sort of cuts are the best way, educationally at least, to cut costs. An hour tacked on to the end of each school day doesn't translate to 23 days of instruction. That said, cuts like these are what keeps school districts afloat and people employed. You know what they say about desperate measures, and for many school districts, these really are desperate times.

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