Second model for bootstrap: matchmaker model!

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I did learn 2nd model from LONDON business school online class named "how to finance and grow your startup without VCs" on Coursera platform. Today I wanna share with you some of ideas of "matchmaker" platform.

I like the matchmaker module more than the 1st model: customer-funding model. Like the site: MATCH. Nowadays, there is huge potential needs of exchange stuffs of time or information between one and another. Which will certain change the customer's behavior or lifestyle , maybe. To me the reason I like this model is not only I do not need to pay that much attention to creating some thing new to satisfy my customer, but also when I feed the needs of meeting each other, the buyers or sellers, the other revenue will come out automatically. It is like a healthy circle. Also, the earlier adapters is willing to promote for our platform if we really solve his problem.

There are famous ones like, Uber, Airbnb and Craigslist websites which have already succeed on this model. I want to introduce check out the others: TaskRabbit(, Freecycle(, DogVacacy( etc.

TaskRabbit is the site where you can build up your task and find the right people who have time to do it for you. It is like the idea to exchange your time value. Image if you can earn $200/ hour would u like to pay $50 per hour to ask others go to IKEA to buy stuffs for u?

Freecycle is a site to help you to get info of free stuffs based on your location. U can posted free wanted or offered for the recycle stuffs. Not only to protection the environment but also to help others who really needs. Like Craigslist but has a different business model. It are merchandisers who send free samples pay for the platform.

The DogVacacy now is combined by who is the nation’s largest network of 5‑star pet sitters and dog walkers. But the original idea of it is to offer exchange service for pets owners so that they can help each other and meet each other too.

At last I wanna share my idea: an singlemomship website on which single moms can help each others. They can meet each others offline based on location to exchange toys or sell out used baby stuffs, and exchange time to do the baby-siter or they can get some mentor or spiritual supporting online from other moms. Because there is huge demands between single moms who need a kind of mothership and sistership relation both material and spiritual. I want to help them because if I can make some positive influence on moms, i will not only just help her, but also change the destiny of her kids. That's my dream.

I just build a site: am not the programmer so the site is still working. i am learning how to code now as well.) Let me know if you are interested in the same idea and maybe we can become a partner to do something creations together. look forward.....


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"Ashley Diedrich, 27, of Hot Springs, Arkansas started using mobile app Poshmark to sell her clothes last May to make some extra cash after she had her baby. She started selling so many sweaters, tops, dresses and shoes that she decided to quit her job as a nurse and just sell on Poshmark. She sells her own clothes as well as her mother’s sister’s and aunt’s, along with any other sale items she buys around town that she can sell for a profit. She’s now sold thousands of items, and sells about 10 to 20 items per day. “It’s faster and better money doing this than being a nurse.” I feel like there is huge potential market demanding in the single mothers market based on sharing-economic!