My last 3 days on the road - Crypto Documentary

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Nick and I travel down to meet Dana Franks, an entrepreneur for years and now a miner, who has found cryptocurrency the perfect monetary segway to support herself as well as her beliefs. Being a Yoga teacher and being on the path of self-discovery this technology allowed her the freedom to explore. Not working for money, rather working for her future she invested in mining back in 2016.

She described to us how natural it felt to be a woman mining. "We are birthing this currency, and what do women do? They birth humanity". Strong words that toppled over my concept of mining. Math and tech never felt so "human" before. The concept of giving birth to algorithms really did appeal to me, as it made me appreciate more the underbelly of this market. Taking a more holistic view of the world, Dana explained why she is eager to share her knowledge with people and especially women. "This is our time" she said, it's a time where the unbalance scale of sexual dominance is levelling out. Her passion takes here all around the world sharing the message, empowering people and giving individual "prosperity of consciousness".

"Prosperity of consciousness"

I really liked that statement as it rang all too true. Unlike fiat currency, we are investing not in stock and commodities but in consciousness. The less time we work for money the more time we can invest in doing what we love, in contributing value to society. Granted, I am overly simplifying things. However, once people take control of their income and need not stress about it, one can start living in the flow of things.

Why is it normal to stress about work, to stress about money, to stress about life? Why should we be working for a system that doesn't bring value to the individual. What point is there to live a life while being asleep?

Listen to the podcast, coming out shortly.

we travelled up to London to meet Rick, an anarco-capitalist, early crypto adopter, free thinker being. With a background in tech and a mathematical driven mind it was love at first sight when he read the white paper. With a grin on his face, he expresses the genius plan that Satoshi had. Using greed to entice the adoption of the currency, as the more adopt the more the value, Bitcoin became a self-manifesting prophecy.

The calm soft tone of his eloquent voice carried the conversation through the bumpy topics of the monetary system and the philosophy of economics spiking at topics of central banks, anarchy, and human emotions. Greed is what pushes us to do things but fear makes us push responsibility away in favour of security. Panic spread by the media is used to consolidate regulation and thus centralise the power structure into the hands of a select few. All of this happening under the nose of democracy.

Violence is what gives value to money. Without constant expansion and destruction, our economy as we know it would collapse. Fiat currency is blood currency. For every other person that has wealth, someone else has to be in debt to pay for their gains, otherwise called interests. This is "the divine rights of banks", to issue "fun bucks" out of thin air, says Rick. Inevitably, this lead to the financial collapse of 2008 where a few greedy bankers ended up hurting a lot of people. Albeit, they skipping detention by rewarding themselves fat bonuses while people in the thousands became jobless. At that point, Rick slipped a beautiful Freudian "sub-crime" when describing the sub-prime bonds, to which he attributes part of the fault.

"Don't confuse the market with the technology" he says, as we approached the topic of regulation and the crackdown of ICO's. Hodling a coin or token is not a direct representation of what is happening on the market. Just as Wall-Street business is not a representation of what the everyday person does with their money. It influences the value of it, but unlike trading, owning fiat is not considered a risk. If owning traditional currency is not considered a risk when its price is in the whims of the volitile political affairs, why should crypto be when it is pegged on more holsem belief system? That is why anarchy is cohesive cooperation, a healthier and constructive form of capitalism.

Listen to the podcast, coming out shortly.

I was in London attending a full day blockchain mining conference hosted by tcg at the Park Plaza Victoria Hotel. I went not knowing what to expect, except that I was not going to be filming. I was wrong. The people amazing. Quite honestly, so far no person that I have met in the crypto sphere does not project good vibes. We are part of the silent revolution that won't fire a single shot. Or as Sándor Dobi, a master builder for tcg, said “this is not a revolution, this is evolution.”


this is so important what you are doing here trying to convey the relationship between who and how we truly are with currency. no easy task in some ways bcos we humans make stuff so darn complicated. important work very! thank you

that we do. Also, with the current instant gratification mindset people are not really willing to change mindset, rather more inclined to change techset.

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