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Damn that front end is crooked, let me fix that.

I took out the old walls by axe and poured a new reinforced ledge where the new walls will stand on.

All wrap't up and ready for the incoming rain!

I made some nice sawhorses from scrap material that I had lying around. There cheaper and sturdier than what i could get in the local hardware store :D. I chose to laminate two beams together for the doorway, it came out pretty good.

With the beam in place the door opening is done, It's 4 meters (13 feet) wide and 3.30 meters (11 feet) high.
I kept the door as high as possible so that I can fit a decent size sailing yacht thru. Cant wait to get started at rebuilding and refitting a nice sailing yacht to sail the blue sea, but I still have some work to do to get to that chapter :D.

Have a FANTASTIC DAY and don't forget to U5dsaHfbHhwEYJu2xEiAcbEeEuMiGJm.gif to join me on my journey.

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That is looking great! Looking forward to seeing what you build in it! Following