*From old Pole Barn TO Modern workshop DIY. Part 3 *

in blog •  last year

The work continues.

Today I started placing, drilling and bolting down the new exterior wall.
I expected it would take half a day since I work alone but got it done in two hours.

After applying a moisture barrier foil I started placing the wood cladding.
The method I used to place the cladding on my own is as followed:

  1. Place the nail at the desired height of the overlap;
  2. gently place the end of board on the nail and walk to the other end;
  3. push in the tip of the nail by hand whilst supporting the board with the other;
  4. now pound it in ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).


As it started to get dark and rain I called it a day.

Hope you enjoyed the read, stay tuned!

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