*From old Pole Barn TO Modern workshop DIY. Part 2 *

in blog •  2 years ago

Back at it again!

The concrete workers made short work of the new slab. They completed the pour in under two hours. I could not have gotten more skilled or friendly workers to help me out!


After a few hours of curing I started my first rodeo with the power trowel and it came out better then I expected for a first timer. Especially since it broke down half way. I had to fix it quick my self since it was a rental and the shop was already closed.


Framing the new walls on my own went quicker then I expected.


Breaking down the old walls on my trusty multipurpose diy forklift attachment (Don't try this at home).



Once again to be continued!

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Following as I'm excited to see the finished product☺️


Thanks, you will not be disappointed :)

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