*From old Pole Barn TO Modern workshop DIY. Part 1 *

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The beginning of one of my dreams.

For as long as I can remember I wanted a modern workshop to be able to build or fix anything! From steel to wood to electronics and hopefully rebuild a boat to sail the blue sea's.

I used to tinker in the basement of my apartment-complex in a small dimly light and leaky 2.5 meter by 3 meter storage space with no electricity. So I had to lower a extension cable from the balcony to a basement window every time I wanted to tinker. BUT NO MORE .

A year and a half ago I bought a rundown piece of property with a old house (in dire need of maintenance) and two barns (ripe for demolition). The start of my dream!


The barn (15 x 8 meters or 50 x 26 feet) was leaning 20 cm (8 inches) over to the left. The wall's were in noway connected to the concrete foundation. The roof (made from Asbestos Cement Sheets) was fixed to the wall's with only six 4 mm (5/32 inch) bolts.



So I started with cleaning out the old junk and getting a professional to remove and dispose of all the asbestos.


Sadly in all of my excitement I forgot to take pictures of how I welded the steel columns and made the new foundation's for them.

After scrubbing off 60 years of dirt and grime I placed rebar reinforcement and
concrete formwork for the new concrete floor since the old one was no where near level.

bonus chickens.

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Useful information. Thanks for sharing



This is so exiting. You will have so much space in there. And you even have chickens over there waching the progress ( like me in Iceland). Im following :)