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When people tell you that you're in over your head, don't ever stop. Prove them wrong!

So lets talk back ends. the left side off the wall will be replaced and the left will become a office add-on to the workshop. I plan
on placing my 3D printer in there, a pc, couch and a small wood burner for the colder days.

The office will be 5 meters (16 feet ) by 4 meters (13 feet) and 3 meters (10 feet) on its highest point. There will be a glass wall and door separating the workshops and the office plus a decent sized window towards the orchard.

I know no the straightest of line's but function over form right right?
O yeah and don't worry I had the digger supporting the wall so it would not squash me. Remember kids safety first. . . .

Took out the old concrete and poured new concrete to make it even with the existing floor. I also added re-bar and the tie-in rods for the new wall.
Tomorrow (If the concrete lets me) i will start making placing the new wall and maybe get to digging the new foundations for the office.

Have a great morning, evening, afternoon or night where ever you may be!

And don't forget to U5dsaHfbHhwEYJu2xEiAcbEeEuMiGJm.gif if you haven't already.

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