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Its official! I have over 100 followers here on Steemit. As a thank you for your support I will be doing a giveaway to give back to this community!

For the people who may be reading their first post from me ill do a small introduction of myself. My name is Richie and I go by @Thewolfofcrypto I have been on the steemit platform for a month and love everything about it. I like to post as much valuable content as possible. I love what the Steemit platform enables us to do as content creators and have a vision of a bright future.

I have recently reached my first goal of 100 folowers and to thank everyone who has supported my content so far I would like to do a giveaway. Anyone is allowd to participate and the rules are as follows.

  1. Must be following me
  2. Must comment below
  3. Must resteem and upvote this post

If you have completed these three steps before this post reaches the 7 day mark you will be entered to win. I will be choosing three winners from this contest. Earning from this post will be split between the winners.

remember to spread the word as the more people who see this the higher the payout is for the winners of the contest.

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Giving back to the community is aways a great thing :)

I agree! I will continue to do so

Great idea! I'm following, Congrats

I appreciate it. Ill follow back now

i'm following you. great ideea! :)

Love it. I have followed you and resteemed

Thank you. Following back now

Upvoted and followed. As a newbie myself, I intend to post about my journey as I begin developing documentaries on the empowerment of women around the world with the belief that men and women can stand strong together, but I'll also be posting fiction and topics of personal interest, like my family's connection to an infamous serial killer and a royal family. Lots of love, @aescholer

Awesome! You deserve aa follow!

just followed ya because of that comment haha sounds interesting. looking forward to hearing about your experiences @aescholer

Sounds cool! Congrats on 100 followers! I'll give you a follow right now.

followed. resteemed. upvoted. commented.

Thank you my friend!

great idea, just followed ya and resteemed. Thanks for the idea, I might have to do this once I get to 100 followers :)

Hope you do! Always give back

ay heck yeah. keep doing great things bud

Welcome to steemit community.
I’m @jyoungking2 Start by following people and they will do the same.
Please read the following address and press voting
Good Luck

Awesome. Congrats and looking forward to your posts. Have followed, upvoted, and re-steemed.

Thank you. Will be following back

Did everything. Thanks for the giveaway

God job.Just followed ,upvoted ,resteemed and commented.

Great job on your first 100!

Thank you.. Ill be doing this for every milestone I hit. Once I hit 500 followers I will do a HUGE giveaway

Congratulations Wolfie!

Upvoted and High Pawed! :-D



Not participating...Upvoted & commented ..