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This is why I use steemit afterall, it is a blogging site.
I am going to write a blog post.

I have not really looked at my follower count but suddenly realised I have nearly 450 followers.
Not bad, but probably not real. If you read this, engage with it.
I am going to cover many things. After all it is Sunday and fathers day. I am both a son and a father.
My first topic is going to be World Views.
Every one has them right?

We all have idea's of what is going on in the world. Depending on where you live you may be more focused on one thing more than another. I am currently in NYC lucky me. My world view is a complex one. Every day in this city I see the worst failings of civilization and in contrast I also see some of its greatest.
Mainly when I say greatest I am talking about the systems of connection, the engineering feats such as the great bridges and the subway system. I see the way the global tentacles spread out and people from all over the world live side by side in one of the most multi cultural cities in the world.
When I say failings I am talking about poverty, unclean streets strewn with litter, the displaced and homeless, poverty of material but also poverty of humanity and compassion from all walks of life.

These world views I am talking about shift from day to day but overall we find ourselves stuck with one big picture of global capitalism. The Man!
The machine that is churning out flumes of thick black smoke destroying the beauty of a natural world, ripping apart ancient cultures and replacing them with teenagers in shitty baseball caps and nike air max!

I think the image is a clear one we can all find some resemblance of. I want to change my world view. I want to explore mythical stories of heroes and warriors. Those that fight against tyranny and oppression. Worlds that are inhabited by Gods and mystical creatures and magical races of elves, hahaha maybe I should just go and watch Lord of the Rings.

Actually, I have been watching Westworld.
I think it may be about us! The internet users. Those that are waking up to a world view that has a small group of Elites running the show and programming the population with their coding and agendas and slowly we the controlled are waking up and seeing beyond the programming. No spoilers there then....

I'm often amused by conversations I hear around me. Sorry to offend you but I think most people are idiots. No body thinks critically anymore. We talk before we have chance to listen fully to what is being said, we fail to question the root of idea's. I'm guilty of it too but as a musician and sensitive quiet soul who has lived various lives and discovered something deeper than my self I am now in a place of learning and understanding. I use my new found powers to stop and listen and critically interpret the world around me.

My next topic is Work!
As I write this my wife is next to me working hard on her laptop so she can have a headstart for the rest of the week. Work and School go hand in hand for me. School is the place where you learn the subjects you are going to go out and work in.
Here in the US many of the schools have metal detectors and strict looking security who act as cops. In the UK the school system is a bit better but the curriculum is still not in its best form. I once read a really interesting book about the future of education (or a possible future) it was called Open - How we will work live and learn in the future, by a guy called David Price. I would recommend it whole heatedly for those students of knowledge in a changing game. I am one of those students. Anyway, thats my book recommendation for the day, Mr Price should thank me cause I have 450 followers who by definitiion of follower should be going out to buy his book! yeah right

When we work so hard at something we expect to be compensated, we work hard at school so we can get good grades so we can get a good job. It's such a fucking fairy tale of bullshit! The truth is... haha like anyone can tell you what the truth is..
but as I see it, the truth is the only thing worth learning about is yourself. Find out what you like, learn who you are, learn what really scares you, learn what really makes you happy, learn how far you can go without someone familiar telling you what they think is best for you. Learn everything you can about yourself, along the way you will probably end up with a job you love because you learned to love yourself.

Work hard, work easy.

My blog post my rules.
Heres one for you, In England we don't say Pee, we say Wee, They both mean Urine. One is also the noise a small child makes in moments of euphoria such as sliding down a slide.
So now I have got that out of the way I can tell you a joke, which may not be funny now because I had to explain it.

Its goes like this,
Donald Trump, Elon Musk and Bill Gates were walking through a forest, suddenly Musk trips over a stump on the floor and kicks up a dust cloud, from the cloud a genie appears and say's who has distrubed the funland genie, whoever it is gets 3 wishes. They all stop what they are doing, which is pretty much fuck all and start arguing over the 3 wishes. After watching them bicker for a few minutes the genie gets bored and says okay okay, you can have one each.. They argue a bit more and then the genie gets furious and throws down a thunder bolt!
Silence he says... And enter my funland, suddenly they are transported to the top of a huge slide. The genie speaks thus.

Each of you gets one go on this slide and on your way down whatever you desire shall be at the bottom.

Musk pushes forward and jumps onto the shoot.. "Litheum batteries" he screams as he rushes to the bottom.
Bang he lands in a big pile of litheum batteries. That should solve my energy problems he says.
Next up comes Bill, being the greedy eugenicist bastard he is all he can think about is money and the death of cultures that are not his own. So he defaults to all he knows, "Dollars" he screams and lands in a useless pile of paper dollars from every game of monopoly ever manufactured by Hasbro. Serves the cunt right!
Next up is The turnip, I mean Donald Trump. He looks down and see's Bill swimming in his dollars but can't tell they are not real from his height so he wants more than Bill, but soon as he gets on the slide the excitement gets to him and he pisses his pants and screams "Weeeeeee" like the oversized baby he is!

Thank you and goodnightNov113.gif


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