Life with Kids....

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Having kids can drain you. I mean really, every mom can put up a face to the public and pretend life is just perfect and her kids are perfect little angels and it's nothing but pure bliss....


Kids are loud, messy, interreptive, rude little humans who has what seems to be an endless resource of energy.

You actually enjoy going to the loo and take a little longer, who cares if someone thinks you take nr 2's three or four times a day?! But even that is wishful thinking, they will come knocking while you are busy.

Taking a shower?! NOOO! I open and close the tap so many times thinking I heard a child crying or screaming, sometimes running out while I was still shampooing my hair...yeah, so hubby won't dare complain if I haven't had time shaving my legs!

Cleaning your house, yeah right, by the time you return to point A you wonder what was the point in starting anyway...sigh


Those moments you stop running around and have with them, are priceless.

They will come with mud on their feet on the floors you just mopped handing you a little flower from the garden....
Cupping you face when you just showered and put on your makeup giving you a kiss before running off again.

Unconditional Love and Pure Joy

This can only be experienced in the truest and most innocent way between a parent and their children.

They are worth all those sleepless nights..

My house may be a mess, but this means my kids have a childhood😍😘💓


I love them, I love my husband....I love my family

With Love

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Very true. My house's been a mess for so many years, I cannot even remember how is a house supposed to look? No toys on the floor or everywhere else? Unbelievable!

Lol yes! And when you get up at night you assume the floor is a war zone so you tread carefully rather than stepping on lego, cars or army men...soo painful🙈😲😂

Wow! I can’t wait more from you! Thank you for sharing. Anyway, you have a great photography skills man Thanks for good post.@ovyhossain