Bracing for Impact

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The sky is clear, the sun is shining, and all we can see is the soft green fields that hammer you with their vastness. And if you stopped to observe, you'd almost feel a fresh breeze of air blowing

That was yesterday.

As I’m typing this, we’re bracing for a category 4 typhoon to hit any minute now.

A few hours ago, the government had issued an emergency alert. The boats and ships have been ordered to drop anchor at the docks and the ferry services has been suspended.

The airport is packed tight as expected, but also as expected, the flights were cancelled. Over a 130 of them.

I guess that the best thing to do is to hunker down and weather the storm.

And in case you’re wondering, I’m in South Korea now.

Barley arrived here and the news came out that a significant typhoon was going to hit, and I used significant for lack of a better word.

I mean, have you ever seen an eye of a hurricane that has an eye that runs 57 miles wide?

Me neither. As the article above states, the eye of the hurricane alone is five times larger than the area of Los Angeles.

I guess that my choice of wording was “significant” fades in comparison to theirs “Freakishly huge”.

The truth is, this is my first typhoon and I don’t know what to expect yet.

Yesterday, the calm seas projected a certain aura of serenity. Today it looked like Poseidon the God of seas was fighting with his sister Hades the queen of the underworld.

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Being so close away from the ocean offers a front row seat to the main event, but it could turn into a ground zero if the moody sea channels her inner harsh mistress.

I hope I have some raw footage for you all tomorrow.

But for now, I want to let you know that we are prepared with plenty of provisions and that I did indeed learned from the past storm I even bought that book and I actually did end up reading it again.

The storm will pass, like all others. I just hope there will be an insightful lesson to learn from this one too.

Stay safe and happy steeming!

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That is indeed a "freakishly huge" storm. A lot of planetary disturbances are going on now with heavy seismic activity. How peaceful nature is - until it isn't. Images of Poseidon rising up to war with Zeus seem apt. Please stay as safe as possible as you ride out the storm. I wish you all the best. :-)


Thank you! We're staying safe don't worry. Luckily in our part of the island it has been much calmer than the rest, not even electricity shortages (hoping it stays the same) there has been no casualties so far and I hope it stays that way. :)

P.S: You're right about the disturbances, they're popping up in all parts of the planet lately.

Stay safe mate


Thank you! It'll be OK don't worry :)


Thanks, it's not that bad actually. Many areas of the island have blackouts but we're fine here. :)

yes this is a good to stay safe @the-alien


Thank you! Will do :)

Thanks for sharing your story my friend I hope you are safe and well during this storm.


Thank you very much! It's gonna be ok, don't worry. We have enough provisions and we'll just have to wait and weather the storm. Part of life I guess :)

I wish you all the best. Yes truth is, this is your first typhoon and I don’t know what to expect yet .


I don't know what to expect either but I hope it'll be event-less :) Thank you btw!!

I follow you, I hope for your reciprocity

I am sorry for people from countries who always feel storms etc., in my country it is very safe when it comes to the anger of nature, good luck! be careful!


Thank you @gamesandother, will stay safe don't worry :)

I am not from South Korea actually, I just happen to be here at the moment, but I do share your concern for people who live in dangerous areas.


thanks for the answer! :)

I hope no major destruction should take place. all may remain safe and healthy. take care of yourself! and do share in your next blog about that everything went well.


Yeah me neither. So far no one is hurt, there's one person missing I hope they return to their family soon.

Tomorrow the storm should be over, so I don't think it's cause for worrying.

Thank you very much btw!!


Oh that's good news. stay healthy!

Best wishes on getting through it and the recovery. This takes me back to last fall when I was dealing with a hurricane, and I may be doing the same at some point in the next two months. There is much dread and fear over it arriving, and then awe once it comes. Nature is amazing, and terrifying.


That is my feeling too, that nature is both amazing and scary at times.

Every storm will pass away its only test our inner strength over time ...wonderful post great to read :)


Thank you @blazing! :) You're right, storms provide a great test and lesson sometimes, luckily this was one wasn't as dangerous in these parts, I hope the rest of areas are safe as well :)

Stay safe Adil, know that my prayers are with you.


Hey Craig, don't worry! We are safe now. The typhoon has passed in it's heading towards the mainland now. May everybody be safe there as well!

don't freakout or panic destruction will come your way.meanwhile stay safe and healthy.

Wow, I hope you are doing well since this post is 3 days old!!

I'm extremely afraid of natural catastrophes since they have forces one can't even imagine. Since I live on an island, one of my nightmares is getting hit by a tidal wave. I literally dreamed of that a couple of times already. Maybe it's also due to my watersports activities, I don't know :-)

Stay safe, Adil and keep us posted! Hopefully Neil Strauss gave some good advices, too :-)

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He visto imágenes del tifón a su paso por Japón y son imágenes impactantes. Así que a refugiarse que es lo que toca y... paciencia. Al final saldrá el sol.

Strange that I came across your post, @the-alien, 3 weeks later... as I sit in North Carolina waiting for what's expected to be a huge hurricane to hit in about 24 hours. I've never been through such a big storm, have been doing lots of prep and taking advice from others. One shall see...