2017, From a Strictly Extra-terrestrial Point of View

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Suppose you’re an alien from our space, you arrive to planet earth and spend a spectacular year in this beautiful planet. However, during this past year, there were certain strange events that were not easy to understand from a strictly extraterrestrial point of view.

From the first day you arrive, you get hooked by cinema. Movie after movie, series after series, Netflix this, Hulu that.. Till one day when they tell you that the biggest event in the motion picture world is about to take place in a few hours.

It’s called The Oscars.

You’re glued to the television set. Stunned by the massive display of glamour, fashion parades and the millions of light bulbs shooting at the smiling faces of the perfectly groomed guests.

The levels of structure and security in the ceremony are extraordinary. Entire streets have been closed down just so that a tiny number of special individuals could access the most exclusive of all VIP areas.

Colossal amounts of time and money must have been spent in the organization of this event, and now the show is about to begin.

And the Oscar Goes To…

La La Land!

The producers are ecstatic, the actors are exultant, hugs and congratulations are invading the room. And just when everyone was starting to get busy thanking their friends and families, the most unexpected thing happens.

Oh wait, did I say La La Land? I meant Moonlight.

So you there you sit watching in awe. You don’t wanna admit it, but you wonder what you would’ve done if you were up there, stuck on that stage with another person’s Oscar in your hand.

“How can this happen?” You ask yourself.

No one knows what happened and everyone seems to be looking for answers, and right in the middle of the confusion, only one thing becomes clear: In a matter of seconds, Warren Beatty went from Hollywood legend to internet meme.

You can’t script that up.

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Millions have probably been spent to pay for the best professionals to organize such a monumental event, and yet someone, somehow has apparently forgot to refill the printer cartridges.

It turns out that there is a couple from the academy - husband and wife - that are in charge of filling the envelopes and handing them to the presenters. It’s always the same couple, with no additional staff... And now everyone in the world knows who they are.

Now here’s a terrifying thought, can you imagine if someone hacks their computers and edits out the winners list?

Best Actor in a Leading Role, Steven Segal. Can you imagine that?

A few months earlier, there was an even stranger event.

You’re watching TV and this debate comes along where a man and a woman start taking shots at each other. “You're the puppet! You're the puppet!”

Can somebody catch me up?

“This is called the General Elections” they tell you.

You see, the debate is between a woman called Hillary Clinton and a man called Donald Trump, and apparently these are supposed to be the smartest people in the country. So you can understand the confusion if you were to you look at it from the outside.

And by the way, this wasn’t an isolated incident. The rest of the other debates - with the other smartest people in the country - all had the same common denominator: Childish name calling and taking stabs at each other.

Lying Ted, Crooked Hillary, Weak Jeb… I bet that brings out some forgotten childhood memories.

Only this time the winner gets the nuclear codes.

Talking about nuclear codes, when you beat your adversaries and you win the elections, then what do you do?

Apparently, you just start getting into verbal cockfights with the leaders of other countries, in this case North Korea.

“Yo, Rocketman! Rocket man!”

And here we go again, one calling the other Rocketman and the other calling him back Fatman.

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They tell you this phenomenon is called “Politics” and it’s how the smartest people in the country engage in mind-elevating activities. But you’re not quite sure that you want to explain this phenomenon to the other aliens.

Hell, you don’t even understand it yourself.

The only thing you know is that at this stage, we all know the number one candidate to be future president in the next elections.

And the Winner is:

Cash Me Outside girl.

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I hope you enjoyed this little comedy and I wish you all a marvelous 2018!

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Happy New Years!

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nice, "apparently these are supposed to be the smartest people in the country."


Haha "supposedly" ;) Happy New Year!


Great post! Im looking forward to seeing more of them!

Haha. Has me laughing. Some of 2017 was painful, but we can look back and make light of it. Here's to a great 2018!


Absolutely, in the larger scope 2017 has been positive with a lot of things to be grateful for, despite the bad times.

Here's to an amazing 2018!!

That was funny!Thanks for the recapped, it sure put a smile in my face. Happy New Year @the-alien


Haha thanks! Have an amazing 2018!

Funny post!It made me start my day smiling:)


Haha I'm glad then! I hope you spend the year smiling :) Happy 2018!

heheh started so interestingly ended up so amazingly lol :D you made my day lol hahah
May this New Year brings you a peace filled life, warmth and togetherness in your family and much prosperity! Happy New Year!


Haha I'm happy you found it a fun read. Thanks for the nice words @blazing!

I wish you a beautiful 2018 filled with awesome surprises and cool moments!

wow man you make the epic post lol that's why i read always nice and awesome person you are :)
Happy New Year


Oh man, thanks for the nice words! Happy New Year and may 2018 be even better than last year :)

Thanks a lot for the fun filled read! humour is so under-rated and has a very special spot in my heart. Glad to see you take on some of this powerful technique to discuss politics, it is the ways of the old one to do so. That might just prove that you are an old soul my friend!?. ;)

Happy New year to you too, thanks a lot for sharing this post, laughter and "news" with us. Namaste :)


Haha I actually think I'm an old soul. Or just an old dude.

Happy new years Eric! I wish you a fantastic year!

Thank you for all the amazing energy you spread in the platform every day!


The feelings are definitely reciprocal! Thanks a lot, namaste :)

burhaaa hahah no words left to say lol and wish you a happy, healthy prosperous New Year! :)


Haha thank you! I wish you an amazing 2018 as well! Lots of health and prosperity!

Adil at its best! Happy new year my friend!


Gracias amigo!! Feliz 2018 para ti y para la familia!!

Happy New Year!!!

Thanks for a nice chuckle to end 2017 and Happy New Year to you and yours. I feel that 2018 is going to be a great year.


Thank you! I wish you an amazing 2018 filled with great things to come!

Happy New Year!

this was so much fun to read hhaha thanks for sharing Happy New Year!


Haha thanks so much! Happy new years and all the best for 2018!

Haha, it hurts to laugh...no seriously it hurts, that this is the shocking job leaders are doing.

If I was the alien I would try to escape before I was secretly exploited by the invisible overloads.

I'd then transfer all my steem to @lordnigel, so it didn't get wasted, when the planet implodes from silliness :)


Hahaha and by then dominate the galaxy by intorducing steem to other alien systems ;)

Thanks for the awesome comment!

hahah loved the winner very interesting post on the starting of new year
Happy new year


Haha I was just messing around and joking as always. Wanted to close the year with some recap and some laughs :)

I hope you're doing great @cutiepie. I wish you an amazing 2018!

  ·  last year (edited)

good publication
thank you for youre effort
New Year will enter tonight with midnight
We hope that it will be better than 2017 and that there will be more progress and prosperity
Happy year to all and we wish all the struggle and diligence in this year to realize your dreams
Let us make this year a beautiful and happy year for all


Thank you for the awesome words!

I wish you an excellent year ahead full with amazing moments.


Yes, I wish you a happy year and more progress, prosperity, health and enlightenment

Cash me outside girl for President in whatever year she becomes eligible lol. Great write up with an ending that had me laughing for quite awhile hahaha


Haha thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Happy 2018!

She's apparently already had a record deal so why not? 😂😂😂Happy new years from one alien to another!


Haha oh yeah she did! Happy New year fellow alien! :)

earth can do better.


Haha for sure!

I still remember watching the Oscars in 1993. Marisa Tomei was awarded best supporting actress for the movie My Cousin Vinny. Everyone said that the announcer had made a mistake.... but there was no evidence of it. She might have just been a dark horse.


Oh yeah, that's still a mystery to this day. There's a lot of people who think that was a mistake still.

Happy new year!

Happy new year sire

Wishing a happy and prosperous 2018

More SBD and Steem to your wallet


Haha thanks! The same to you!

All the best!

You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down.


Absolutely right, the failure is not on falling down!

Happy new year and here's to an amazing 2018!

If I were an alien I would really “admire” about how fun can be America’s politics especially when they are debating.

Trump made me laugh a few times, especially when he mock Rand’s looks haha!


Haha it makes me laugh too. Even George Bush bloopers made me laugh, also other presidents from other countries. It's almost like showbiz :P

hahahahahah funy I like it thanks for sharing I follow you and hope you also do the same for me happy new year


Haha thanks! I'm glad you liked it :)

Have an amazing 2018!


Best wishes for you hope you also follow me dear @the-alien

Man cash me outside girl was ahead of her time


Haha who knows, right?

Wish you happy New year


Happy new year as well! :)



Let's just cross our fingers and hope to god 2018 is even less predictable!!!


Haha I have a feeling it would be :P Happy 2018!

very nice post, my interest was on la la land though, The story behind the movie was exciting and captivating at the same time. It was probably what kept me glued to my seat the whole time. As a romance, it tells about the love between two great individuals and the quest to make both parties happy even if it means ripping the relationship apart. Which I doubt can happen in real life or if it does happen, in rare cases. Although this film is totally fictional to me as it is a musical, there are tiny significances one can easily relate to.

Happy new year....expecting greater posts this year


Thank you! Yeah the movie has a great message, I hope love prevails.

Happy new year!

Nice i want to laugh so badly hhah great humour added :D
Happy New Year too bro what a great post for the first day


Haha I'm glad you liked it. Thank you :)

Happy new year and I wish you an amazing 2018!

la la land oh ooo laa laa hahah :)


Haha it was quite a unique moment :P

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haha l am enjoy....
happy new year...
Happy new years Eric! I wish you a fantastic year!

Thank you for all the amazing energy you spread in the platform every day!

you just blew away my mind haha very nice :)


Haha thanks! Happy new year!

Warren Beatty, en ese instante, fue abducido por un ET del exoplaneta 7 Umi b, donde La La Land fue un éxito de taquilla hasta el punto de convertirse en una religión. A lo largo y ancho de todo el planeta hay pirámides en cuyas cúspides se han erigido estatuas de Ryan Gosling y Emma Stone y todos los días hay representaciones de escenas de la película, mientras la música atrona desde parlantes voladores. En 7 Umi b todo aquel que haga una mínima demostración de cansancio, tedio o crítica a La La Land es encarcelado y torturado de por vida.
Un planeta de mierda, bah, que no merece ser visitado.

En cambio, 9 Umi a, ese sí es un planetazo. Ahí adoran Moonlight.


Jajaja pues habra que visitar ese planetazo alguna vez. ;)

Feliz 2018!

Lol so funny! Love it. Well said, great post. Happy New Year.


Thank you! Happy New Year to you too!



Hahha good sense of humour added the twist into that :)


Haha thanks! Happy new year Eyelashe!

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The year is new, the hopes are new, the aspirations are new, but my warm wishes for happiness and prosperity remains the same for all steemians..
wonderful article thanks for sharing @the-alien


Thank you very much, and I hope this new year will bring us all a lot of awesome new things!

Happy new year!

Happy new year :)


Happy New Years to you as well :)

Trump vs Clinton surely takes the cake in that list above.. Phew, used to think how respectful US presidential debates used to be and was left dumbstruck at the last one.. and to think that same guy is now the most powerful fella in the world..... I guess Americans are still coming to terms with it, forget aliens :) Happy New year though!




NOw that was funny right there lol Cash me ousside girl might end up President one day the way things are going lol

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When an Alien came to earth, he will trying to figure out how to be human. so i think he must come with us here to have a fun.

Great post! Anyone remember the South Park episode when the aliens blocked the earth in a giant cube so no one could communicate with us? Yeah, I think that happened right after the cash me outside girl got famous and Trump got elected.

i have a doubt wheather trump has capability to dominate usa

LOL the cash me outside girl was probably the biggest low light for me. I just hate seeing that girls face!


Haha sorry :P Let's hope she doesn't win then ;)

This year might bring those extra-terrestrials a bit closer to earth. At least that's what the government says. :D

And what about your personal 2017?


Oh that was such an amazing year! I'm so lucky :) Maybe I should write about it.

This is exactly why we should not leave complete control of a whole country in the hands of just one man. Right now the world is watching, biting their nails and wondering when the two dickheads will decide who has got the biggest cock. All the time the fate of the world rests in the hands of these two infantile delinquents.
I believe that there shouldn't be just one head of state for just these reasons, there should be a panel to decide democratically the best course of action.
I think we'd feel a whole lot safer then.
Great post, one that certainly gets one thinking.
I have upvoted your post as it resonates with me, I have also followed you.
Please drop by page and see if you like it. (i'm new here).

strange things happening hahah Happy New Year buddy


Haha stranger than movies, not even the script of La La Land had that twist ;)

Happy new years!! :)