Dreaming of Steeming: Am I addicted after only 2 days?

in blog •  2 years ago

lucid dreaming.jpg

Occupying my days and now my nights?! I have been restlessly dreaming of Steemit for the past 2 days. I heard them, seen them, warnings.... that you could become addicted. But after only 2 days on the platform? I mean I have been obsessing for weeks on the concept, which was only amplified by the delayed gratification Steemit gave me by waiting 17 days for approval.

I woke up at 7 am (after being up till 3) lazily singing "Don't dream it, Stee-eem it" a cover of the Rocky Horror Picture shows "Don't dream, it Be it." This can't be good. Now I'm not sure what the symptoms of Steemit addiction are but immediately wanting to Steem about it has got to be one.

Please share and update the warning! Steemit addiction symptoms may include: Steem-somnia, a kind of half sleep dreaming of all things steemit related.

Am I too far gone? Let me know what you think.

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Hehe, you got the same experience than me. Steemit is so addictive and we love it lol. have a very beautiful day !


I was warned, and at least I'm not the only one <3 Thanks!

I know! I'm only a few days in and flabbergast by steemit's potential and all the innovation surrounding it. I do hope however that the layout evolves. I know it's modeled after Reddit but it gets kind of messy and chaotic navigating the platform. Steem-somnia is correct!


Yes! Its kinda hard to navigate and find old content. I don't know how to find category's that aren't trending basically, the only search being for google. I wish you could filter content more clearly.

Most of us feel the same way about Steem. Haha. Is that you doing a hand stand in the pic? It's pretty cool!


It's my launching into the future with Steemit. I call it "stock photography" aka it's not me.


Cool anyways! Good luck on Steemit thatgrlbeth!

Yes go get some sleep loser.


Thanks for teaching me a lesson. Flagging crappy content can get you trolls. Peace!

Ohhhh NO ... big TROUBLE !!! - (((

... SOOOOO !!!!!! D_ANGER-O-US ! - ((

QuicklY find yourself a TERRIBLE 9 to 5 ... J O B !!! !!! !!!

... and ... DIG YOUR HEAD .. OUT OF YOUR BUTT !!! - (((
... this STEEM THIN-G ... !!!
... IS NeVeR ... slowing DOWN !!! !!! !!!

... and ... T. HANKs ... for the WAR_N_ING !!! - ))

... ha ha ))))))))))))

greb'Z )