You hurt

in #bloglast year

When I look at the waters of the heart, I see her in love with her wrinkles. You'il meet yourself when you go on unlimited bail. Will you take a look around? How much pain did you give? Will you look around? How many hearts did you hear?

Crying is your pain, the one who abandons you, and now you can be. Or how long do you know for the hearts of pain? Oh right; You'll never know the wrong things, somehow it'il be someone else for you in your life. Excitement will keep you entertained with someone else, stupid, but the beauty of the legendary saga is not in the air, in the air, in the air when you walk a meter in the air.

Come on; If you give these screams a voice, it will hurt you. It will be. Or do you think these things are happy to fold you, you're wrong. When you love empty dreams and joys together, one day you will understand the pain of the heart, you will understand how much you suffer.

I'm dying to say goodbye to you in your dream world. You're gonna get hurt and you're just buried. The suffering of those days will be the happiest day of happiness.

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