Which game?

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When I saw a place to drink a bottle with my chair, I started to taste the water that didn't clog my wife's pocket and remove the salted peanuts.
On the right, some can be left in the middle and in some places.

People started to sit in the front row. First an old, fat man sat in the chair by milking. From that moment on the couch does not fit with a large half. I'm surprised to see the size of the hands she wore while she was sitting down.

Le said the place was beautiful.
The smell of garlic I've eaten before has risen. I don't choose the garlic that he eats.

  • I don't believe in the kid, the theater ate peanuts?

My wife and I didn't know what was new. I was embarrassed and put the peanut package in my pocket.

My 25-30 year old young couple sat next to me.

  • Hello, she called me young.

I also greeted the palace and the list.

I'm sitting here under the lights for a long time, I think I'm late, my friends say hello and good evening.

  • Nice wit, said the woman. You're right, evening bile, turned to his wife and said:

Mi ? I said.

-, but how do you know my name? Do you know ? I said.

  • I think it's a new joke. laugh. Or your name , like my wife's name.
  • Why are you laughing at that old man? The game has not yet started!

Young woman turns fat man:

  • We know you didn't start. And it's not a comedy. I mean, there's nothing to laugh about in this game.

This time I asked the young lady curiously:

-Which game? I said.

  • Now my wife is talking about the upcoming game, said .

-Gee! Ord, I was planning a comedy, a fat man. What do you say, Master, he said to me

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