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The little fag, he could see all his toys but his dreams. His thoughts were flying on the wings of the imaginary world. As these thoughts flowed in her mind, the arrows of the eye and mind jumped in front of a toy called Bu as if it had been removed. When he found the softness of the skimpy gray-black feathers on two palms, he tried to recognize his big green eyes, his long white ears and his yellow beak.

What is this!
This cute virtual creature was talking. He says he is hungry and has music in the store and is accompanied by music. It was decided and this toy would be taken. When my father took his hand to his wallet, he saw that he did not have enough money to buy it, went to his credit card, and shook his hand. He crossed the border, but promised to give it to his daughter. The father and mother could read the children's entertainment after purchasing the toy.

This virtual toy called Ayr has become an integral part of the family. In the guesthouse, at dinner, the bed was part of a naughty child. The dining table and the chair in the house were reserved for this new guest. My mom and dad seemed happy. The kids didn't want to come to the dining table. They slept together and got up at the same time. They didn't leave a friend like summer.
sometimes hungry, eat; would have liked the interest and love. The naughty boy was trying to pay attention to his little heart.

For a month, everything in the house was like a rose. There was no mischief at home. The words of the Ord could not be heard as often as before. The rabbit was trying to feel the warmth and satisfying taste of his lip after leaving the newspaper comfortably. In the kitchen, the mother worked comfortably in the kitchen. Daily cleaning work was done every two days.

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