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Go back and look at me.
In fact, readers of poetry are interested in the intensity of emotions about the readers of the verse: Boyfriend, you want to talk to him last time. She actually loves her boyfriend and she's precious to her. But in his heart, he says his love can be insignificant. Actually, these strings have a secret system. There are very bitter memories that you will not forget and you will not disappoint.

You hurt my heart
Please go with your lips! ..
The verses of the verses attract attention with very nice words. If you fall in love with your heart, just wait for a comment. Already renewing your boyfriend is completely indifferent to events.
Emphasize the importance of speaking with the reader and expressing emotions here.
In fact, our poet, we call it my dear; However, he still has one-tenth of the death of his lover. He wants his heart fixed in a few words.

The side of my heart
My dreams are like white snow
Like a spoiled half-life.
Despite our pessimistic and hopeless situation, our poet is still hopeful. History of the past days, snowflake whitish dreams, beautiful days for those who want to remind again. But in the next verse he knows how far away he is and how he imagines it, and blames him.

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