Prescribed a condition

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'You'll eat like this until the end of these spoons.' He foresaw a condition. So they say and they're trying to drink. But what is this? They can't pour long spoon gels from their mouths. They finally looked at the table.
Now, those who know the value of love, love and sometimes food. The faces are bright, the lightning flashes in their eyes, the lips are soft, they laugh and laugh and sit there. 'Please.' Then someone put the long spoon soup in soup and gave it to his brother. They fed him and thanked him for his gratitude. When he felt lonely at the real table and felt right, he said that no one would feel hungry. His brother will feed the wit, but he will be fed by his brother. "

We all have a heart in it. Sometimes, in the most secluded corners of our hearts, our emotions began to grow over time. Growing thoughts grows as the storm grows and gives birth to the child. Spring breezes smell, the child begins to draw the bile and the bile begins to stop.
Love fell into the heart and I fell in love with the heart, I loved the heart of love and now I love the love of a person watered by the heart of heart. The pain of the seventh spring hope and the feelings of loved ones will be appreciated in the heart. Once upon a time, love makes your heart meaningful. Every seven is something valuable and meaningful.

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