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Unless his love is created in the universe. The gate to all the doors (peace for him). Divine love manifests itself in the form of the human heart as a result of speech. The sea-free beach is a sheltered harbor. Resurrection Potion with heart in hands. The climate happily embraced the wind. The pain of the self began to fry even in the pain of love. The fruits of the branches are immature in the spring breeze. Und Medy is all humanity for her. Under. He burned with divine love and put the man in search of love.

, I'm flying to the Mate awards with the same gratitude. If you're not love, everything is pointless without you.
You know, birds are trying to learn to fly with the new bird's wing. They're skeptical, shy, believing everything starts suddenly and suddenly ends. They're starting to fly, the father moves first and last. How painful they are without looking back. Can I come again, Aba, a ball that can't be found. Here is my dear, a timid skunk in my heart, a sinus that lets you feel the strange moments you will lose. I wonder if I can get your love again, can I rewind you? . He goes to the unknown in the spiral of his thoughts. Just like . The father, who aims to realize his dreams in rural areas such as , is a wounded heart trying to surprise those who travel to the target area on the roads.

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