He said he'd come

in #bloglast year

From that point on, the man I respected until that day was jealous of me. I'm not a handsome, impressive guy. But this guy doesn't have this feature, so that's not our goal.

My boss, his wife, you know, these goodies were cheating. But there was something he didn't count on that day. His wife came there that day. Went in a few minutes. I was just about to do it. The old wolf never lost his trust, then officially cut the ice. The icon on his face almost froze. It was like a sculpture from my candle; You should have seen. His wife periodically looked at her husband and a young woman. He didn't know I was in the room after the tennis game. I was thinking, "I have to get out of here." read my mind.

, I wish you happiness, what did you do to your girlfriend? If I hadn't stepped here, I'd put it on me. Even for a moment, the last point in my forgetfulness; I have a sweet lover and I don't remember. Then we woke up The old wolves kept the boyfriend away and made a quick plan. While I was waiting for an exit from the young woman, I was going to this game. And he went into my arm. Can you believe this? A very beautiful woman entered my arm!

Think about my surprise. He said he was coming. It was a lie that no one in the room believed. He obviously suspected her husband. I hate her husband's control. When we left the room, there were three of us in the large office furniture room.

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