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My colleagues would be fed up with me, so the officer wouldn't let me in. He recognized and recognized me. When I said I'd see the Commissar of , he said, "No, I went there that night." commissioner: "" There is an event in the police station, there is no one other than some comparisons. "Said. Non-, traitors understand everything I don't want. I'm really unhappy. Nobody wanted me. When I retired, I started to visit coffeehouses like misery.

Old fashioned women like me spend the night, have tea and play backgammon. I never forgot to tell you.
Avoid Avoiding spouses, children, houses, and kidnappings to avoid.

We were just looking at each other to see if there were any old goats. While I was waiting for the cage to cry, I took my finger off the hinge and took a shower there. But the words he said were made with real shares and stopped me. Nobody was looking at us except this coffeehouse. As the days passed, no one could leave us, there were those who went to the other world, but instead they were filling the new pensioners. Every day, tomorrow we trust each other with fear and doubt.

He retired from all sorts of jobs. Fireman, Sergeant, council, two workers looking for a herd. I'm a quiet man holding my hand on my cane. Although many of us were retired from the profession, we were all considered fish in the same pool. This is almost accompanied by fish. As time went by, the hate machine filled his brain.

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