5 weeks till the next burn appointment

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So excited we don't have to go back for 5 weeks

It has been a very long 4 months since my mom burned herself. At first we were having to go to the burn center 2 times a week. Then once a week then every other week. Apparently the doctor likes what he is seeing. So we keep the PT appointments near my home but the burn center appointments that tie up 5 to 6 hours of my time each visit is going to be less. I am so happy about this.

Much better than what it was

I am happy my mom's hand is healing nicely. For those who are just coming upon this story. My mom has seizures and had a seizure while cooking and burned her hand when while in the seizure she placed her hand on the burner. If you want to see what it orginally looked like you can scroll down four months back for those photos but warning the photos are graphic.



May your mother hand get well soon.long time still rednesso on hand and swelling. Feeling her burn pain

oh...what a pity..
Thanks God she is better now!