Why not go outside and lay on the Earth more?

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So when was the last time you rolled around in the grass or lay there enjoying the time on the earth's ground or let alone walk barefoot on the grass? I am pretty sure its has been awhile for the most of you. In our busy life who has the time to do something like that? Well why not?


Nowadays we are living in Highrises, apartment buildings, walking in a concrete jungle, and really no daily contact with the Earth. Even walking does not do justice because you still have shoes or rubber slippers on while outside.

We as humans are born on the earth and walked on this ground for ages, the ground is what gives us energy and healing, it is our mother, why do we not make contact with her? Do you put on gloves to hold your mother and feel her warmth?
I would just say go for it embrace your mothers warmth and get back to your roots!

Why is this an issue? Because this Earth is made for you, it is made to nature you and heal you.
Have you ever felt relaxed just laying on the grassing soaking up the sun or feeling the breeze? Just laying out near the beach or have a relaxing barefooted walk on the sand? it calms you and just releases alot of stress out.

There is a movement called Earthing : The process of absorbing the earth’s free flowing electrons through the soles of ones feet.
While I am not quite familiar with what they do or done alot of research on them, it is similar to how my thoughts are about doing this sort of thing. To me it is like meditation and simply soaking up the energies of the earth.

These are the benefits of laying or staying grounded near the earth from what I gathered:
The electromagnetic field around the earth is a source on energy that we gather in our system, there are many ways people interpret this energy, some call it chi energy, the ying and yang, positive or negative electrons, I believe they are all the same energies that people have been describing.
We as a society are ingrained in technology and surround ourselves in it, but the downside is that all that technology exerts to much positive electrons (free radicals), the free radicals themselves take electrons from healthy cells in order to stabilize thus creating more free radicals in the body. In long term exposure it can lead to deterioration of the body's cells and cause inflammation as well.

To counteract that you will need some grounding to take in negative electrons, that is where laying on the grass or walking barefoot comes into play. This energy is absorbed through your barefeet and also while laying on the ground to recharge. It is a way to create balance to your lifeforce and well being.

As you can see in this day there is less contact with mother nature and no awareness of what is going on with technology, having technology is good as advancement in human civilizations but you cannot ignore or forget where we came from, where all of us came from - our mother earth, our nurturer.

So go ahead put down your phones and turn of the TV, go outside barefooted, roll in the mud, step on the sands, dance out when rain is here, go bath in rivers, plant or garden, swim in the ocean, or just lay on the grass. The choice is yours...


Stay well my friends!



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good sayd will try in summer


yes try it! it will recharge your body and very relaxing as well!

Not since I was a kid. I definitely need to do it more often!


hey wouldnt hurt right?