Seafood anyone?

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So another food incursion, we decided to hit our seafood joint close to us called The Juicy Crab, Good ole New Orleans Cajun style seafood grub. It has been some time but we had a craving for some seafood in our bellies, if you know what I mean. Seafood to me is one of the best tasting delicacies there is out there, some of you may say no it is smelly or you do not like the texture or whatever is the reason, I still choose Seafood over a piece of steak as far as taste goes.

What we ended up selected for today is a dozen Oysters flavored in cajun spices and oils, just mmmm perfecto, ofcourse we had second rounds in that. For our meal we chose Snowcrab legs and crawfish, topped with Cajun spices and usually comes in a wrapped bag to maintain the flavor, usual sides are corn and potatoes.


And my my my, it was Deliciouso. Mmm, I am still salivating at the thought of eating it.



For some of you who do not know what Crawfishes (crayfish) are, they are basically freshwater lobsters and are found near swamps. I have heard some just avoid eating it because they think it looks like eating bugs, well give them to me lol! As always my motto is You won't know how to enjoy life if you have never tasted it! So whenever there is something new try it before you judge it, even when you try it on the second time when someone makes it just right the taste is beyond unbelievable.

Cheers, stay full my friends!

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yes! so flavorful

How delicious.?
Let's do the mutual voltage.
please, give me volt.