Finally we get to eat!

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It has been awhile since we went out to eat as a family, usually my fiance and I would go out at least once a week and pick our favorite places to dine in but that was all last year when we did not have a lot of extra responsibilities. Our one year old Ashton has kept us busy and of course, it is a choir in itself to bring him out with us, especially in a restaurant. So on this day we both have our days off from work and my fiance picked to go to a Korean BBQ near where we lived. We love to eat there, they have different selections to choose from, rice, soups, different choices of meat and of course our little side dishes that include kim chi, pickles, seawead, potatoes, fish sticks, etc.


When we usually go I would opt to get the Kalbi short ribs which is my favorite dish to get or on a cold day I would get the spicy soups the Jam bong (spicy seafood with noodles). For appetizers we would normally opt for Mandoo Gui (fried dumplings) or the Haemool Pa Jeon (seafood pancake). But It really does not matter what we get, it just taste good whatever we pick. And for all you Koreans out there, correct me if I am wrong on the spelling or translation because I do not know better (heehe), after all we are not Korean.
So today we both choose to go with Bibim Bap (I like saying that out load)- this is a bowl of rice with assorted vegetables ground beef and fried eggs served in a hot stone bowl. We chose the Mandoo Gui as our appetizer along with our sides.

Yummy don't you think?

For dinner we choose to stay home and cook, the dish for tonight is a Vietnamese favorite butter beef noodles, it is almost like a hot pot mixed with any vegetables or meat that you like, simple and easy to make. Just prepare your choice of meat (beef it my favorite), cook it with butter and a marinade, then add in your choice of vegetables. Like so:


Once the pot is cooked we usually have vermicelli noodles prepared in a bowl and then everything else goes in there, we then add a little secret sauce (I will have to kill you if you ask for it) on top for flavor, look at how good that looks below!


Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed eating the food!

Until the next time friends take care.

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