My Favorite Carnival Costume for Carnival 2018

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Preparations for Trinidad and Tobago's carnival are on its way. And while I'm in gym preparing for my "Carnival Body", Carnival Bands are preparing to release their costume options. And so far, this one from BLISS the band is my favorite. If you did not see my previous post showcasing the other costumes then Click here!

Other than the costume, this model was giving me life! So much confidence, so much enthusiasm and poise. And do you see her body?! That's how toned I'm trying to be. Yup!

This one below, is a different backpack/wings. This wing is more grand and with a lot more feathers. But when I tell you, this camera does not do this costume justice. The color was a peachy orange, and the the details on the body wear was to die for. So many jewels.

The cost of this costume has yet to be announced. But I bet that is probably going to cost the masqueraders a good $1900 US.

Next year I will be playing mas, so right now, I'm judging all the costumes as they are released to see which one best suits me.

Thanks For Watching.

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Wow, you are still living the dream! I'm blown away by all the places you have traveled to. @tajo

Lol, to me I'm not living it enough.

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