LIFE IN A MOVIE # VLOG | MAKING MUSIC (steemit exclusive)

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HI there!

Today I got my Zoom H1 and I will make some sample music from sounds in my home.

The end result is more like a rhythm, not music... But for a first time using real samples... Not bad.

This was very fun and I can't wait till I will finally understand how to create a melody on this device.


Enjoy the experience!






Have a great day!


this is pretty dank! scissors music! Awesome!

Wow! Didn't imagine that someone would think that this is awesome!
Thank you very much!
Much appreciated! Will definitelly make more music related videos :)

well I don't know of anybody else who creates some unique sounds and music with scissors and knifes!

I bet there are some people on YouTube who have done it :D

And for a fact, I know one Latvian artist named Kashuks, he creates electronic music. And he has this album where he recorded sounds and sampled them. There are some parts that sound similar. :)

Ok, but nevertheless! I like it, even if I usually don't like electronic music!

That is very nice! :)

Thank you! :)

Wow #reinis cool device :) Anyway i skipped to 2.21 sec really love your drone shot videos :)


Thank you so much! Much appreciated! :)

Have a nice day!

The Zoom H1 is a great piece of equipment. I use several of them to record my live music videos and use the built in stereo microphones. I also used one to record the music used in a movie. Greetings!

Wow! So nice!
So it was the right purchase for me :D

What kind of a movie?

The last one, Eindeloos or Endless, is a Dutch language Movie about a Bar Tender tired of the daily grind. All the footage was shot in a small Café. The next one is an action film and I expect to use the Zooms again for in Car sound and such. The Zoom H1s are great because they can be mounted almost anywhere with cheap rubber bands and record high quality sound. For the 90 Euro price tag, the Zoom H1 is hard to beat.

Nice! Will check it out! :)

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