Water benefits for plants and the environment

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Water is an element in nature that is essential for all life in the world. Man can not survive without drinking water within 3 days. In addition to humans, animals and plants desperately need water to survive. Water becomes a very important ingredient in life because all the necessities of life require water.every process that humans, animals and plants require water. Water is provided from nature, either as rain, out of springs, flows in the river, or needs to be taken with the help of a drill machine. The importance of water to life makes almost every living thing always searching and looking for water where it is located.

Plants need water to survive and always evolve to produce higher trees, producing fruits, leaves and seeds perfectly. Without water, plant growth will be hampered and become dwarfed. The water content in the plant is about 80 percent of the weight of the plant nest. That is why water becomes a component in plants that can not be ignored.even if the roots can not find water for long periods of time, it can dry and dry and then die from lack of water.

The benefits of water for plants



Water is one of the most important substances for life, be it human, animal, or plant. Without the water of life will not last long, because the water is very supportive to the life of living things that exist in the world. Since almost one-third of the content contained in the human body is water, so also in plants, plants need water for photosynthesis.Can you imagine what if there is no water in this world? If it happens it can be ascertained if life in the world will suffer annihilation.

Water is very beneficial to all living things that exist in the world, as well as for plants. Benefits of water for plants is to help the photosynthesis process that occurs in the leaves, water is the most important component in the process of photosynthesis.

Water is useful as a solvent and introduction to nutrients

Water as a means to deliver in the transport of nutrients transported water in the form of minerals from the soil and organic matter from photosynthesis.

Nutrients are minerals contained in the soil function to perform photosynthesis in plants.liquid nutrient form because it is the essence of food for plants

As Stability And Heat Transfer

Water plays an important role as a buffer in the regulation of plant body heat aims to avoid the drying of plants on stems and leaves.

As a Biochemical Material Reaction

That is Water will act as electrons that help for the ongoing photosynthesis.water will be brought directly by the root to the body to be delivered on the leaves.

As the Primary Constructor of Protoplasma

The molecules contained in protoplasm such as proteins, carbohydrates and others mix with water to form colloids.

As a motivator for the Respiration Process

Respiration is "breathing" a process of taking O2 for breaking organic compounds into CO2 -> H2O and energy.
So the supply of energy in plants can increase and this will be useful to help the growth of plants well.

As a Puhu Plant

this happens so that plants are not into the water supply.if the plant lacks water its development becomes "abnormal (not nomal)". So it can cause dwarf plants and eventually will die.


Thus, water is the source of life for sentient beings.in the absence of human, animal and plant water will not live.

The water benefit for plants such as water is useful as solvent and conductor of nutrients, useful as stability and heat transfer, water is useful as a tool of motion, water is useful as a reaction of biochemical materials, water is useful as protoplasm, water is useful as a booster respiration process, and water useful as a keeper of plant temperature.

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