Various merits of the green apple

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In the market you must meet many apples with different colors, there are red apples and green apples and so forth. But for this time, which will be discussed is the nutritional content and benefits of green apples. The green apple has the same tasty taste as the red apple.but, did you know that it turns out this green apple has a lot of efficacy for the health of the body, because of the nutritional content in it.

Content of Green Apples Nutrition

Apples contain excellent nutrients for the body. The content in the green apple include vitamins A, C, E, K, B1, B2 and B6.Not only that, this sweet fruit also contains:

FolateCarbohydratesSerat Natural glukosaProteinNatriumZat baronNatures are not saturatedZat quertecin and panthotenic acid and various other minerals.some of which are iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and zinc

Various Benefits Of Green Apple For Health

Seeing the amount of nutrients contained in the green apple, it is no wonder if this fruit has a lot of benefits. Here's the full review.


1. Energy Sources

Green apples can be used as a high energy source.the article of this fruit contains vitamin B1 is very good to help the body to change the intake of consumed carbohydrates into optimal energy and can be used for the move.

**2. Ward off Free Radicals **

The content of vitamin C in the green apple makes this fruit able to ward off free radicals cause various diseases.the article vitamin C contains high antioxidant compounds. Not only that, the content of vitamin B2 and folate in green apples also make this fruit capable of making dangerous diseases away.

3. Preventing Bleeding

Bleeding is a serious problem and should be addressed immediately. One of the benefits of the next green apple is to prevent the occurrence of bleeding in the body.this is because the content of Vitamin K in green apples that make the body avoid bleeding.

4. Healthful Eyes

Green apples contain high vitamin A. This content can certainly make the eyes become healthier. However, taking vitamin A is not allowed too much, because it can make the cells in the bone is disturbed.therefore, the consumption of green apples regularly and not excessively.

5. Improve the Body Network

Green apples contain high levels of Vitamin C. Just information, vitamin C is working to repair tissues in the body damaged.especially with the addition of vitamin E in green apples, the better this fruit to keep the body tissue, especially skin tissue to look healthy and soft.

6. Digestion

High fiber makes the digestive system work normally. Green apple is one of the fruits that have high fiber content.this certainly makes this apple very good for digestion and can be used as a natural remedy to overcome constipation.


7. Preventing Diabetes

Green apples contain natural glucose that is safe for diabetics. On the other hand, green apples also contain excellent B vitamins to prevent diabetes.however, it is certainly supported by a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise.

8. Rich Water Intake

Did you know that green apples can be a good water intake to maintain healthy body. Especially with the vitamin B6 contained in this apple.where the water intake and vitamins are very good for filtering bad cholesterol in the body that causes stroke disease.

9. Make Healthy Hair

The next benefit is to make healthy hair. This is because the vitamin E and C.where the vitamin can keep hair strength and keep it away from distracting dandruff.

10. Suitable For Diet

Ever heard of a diet program that uses the apple menu for fiber intake? Definitely a lot is not it? This is of course, because the apple does contain carbohydrates that can filling but not make the body fat.the full effect of a given green apple will make you get the ideal body.

11. Prevent Parkinson's

Green apples contain high antioxidant compounds.this is what makes this fruit very good to avoid the body from Parkinson's disease.

12. Avoiding Alzhaimer's Disease

Not only avoid Parkison disease, green apples also contain compounds that can optimize brain blood cells to function properly. One of them is to avoid alzhaimer disease.alzhaimer is a disease of diminished memory that in the long run will make the sufferer lose his life.


13. Healthy Teeth

Apples have a slightly hard texture that makes the tooth to work more to chew it. Therefore, no wonder if eating green apples can be healthy teeth.Moreover, green apples also contain vitamin K and calcium is also very good to nourish and make teeth stronger.

14. Increase Child's Appetite

You have a child but do not like to eat? Green apples can be the best solution. Keep in mind that most people who have low appetite is due to problems in the peristalsis of the intestine.Eating green apples regularly can help the body control the intestinal peristalsis. This is due to the presence of organic acids in the body that is useful for healthy intestine.

15. Improving Liver Problems

The next benefit is to improve liver disorders. This is due to the acid content in the green apple which is very helpful to destroy the crystals in the bile.Until now, many doctors who recommend people with liver disorders to regularly eat apples.

16. Regenerate Cells

The benefits of the next green apple is to regenerate cells in the body. The existence of these capabilities will certainly make you look younger and fresh.see this benefit, no wonder if many beauty products that use apples as one of the main ingredients.

17. Lowering Cholesterol In Blood

Based on research conducted by experts, green apples have been tested to reduce bad cholesterol in the body.this ability that makes this fruit very good to prevent the risk of heart attack and blood clotting.

18. Treating Rheumatism

Green apple can also be used as a natural remedy to overcome rheumatism. This is because the potassium content contained in green apples that can reduce the symptoms of rheumatism or in the medical language rheumatoid arthritis.


19. Preventing Diabetes

Green apple juice also contains excellent nutrients to prevent diabetes. Diabetes is a condition where a person has too high a sugar content.the content in the green apple can neutralize blood sugar levels and neutralize insulin levels.

20. Prevent Cancer Cells

The next benefit is to prevent cancer cells from developing. This is because the content of antioxidant substances and triterpenoids are high enough in the juice can at least keep you from breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer and liver cancer.

21. Prevent Asthma

The content in the green apple can be said to be very complete. This is what makes this fruit very good to stimulate the circulation of oxygen in the nasal cavity in order to function normally.of course, the stimulus will make the respiratory system work more smoothly,

22. Maintaining Skin Health

Not only beneficial to maintain healthy body, green apples are also very good for maintaining skin health. This is of course, because the vitamin and mineral content are be able to get maximum results, you can use a natural mask made of green apples.

23. Curing Anemia

Green apples have a content that can help the production of red blood cells.this is what makes this fruit very good to accelerate the healing process of anemia.

How? Very much is not the benefit of green apples? Hope this review can be useful to you.

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