The efficacy of egg tea

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Tea Talua (Tea Egg: Indonesian) is one of the typical drinks in West Sumatera.every morning, tea talua even become one of the breakfast menu that is always available in stalls in West Sumatra.

Even if Dunsanak went to markets in the region of West Sumatra, early in the morning will find a restaurant clerk or a stall carrying tea cups that will be delivered to the customers who are usually traders in the market.

Talua tea is made from a mixture of egg yolk and sugar whipped until frothy and then added with tea water and condensed milk.taste? Do not ask. Favors.

Tea Talua turns out many benefits, including:

Stamina and Power enhancer

Tea Talua is very useful to increase stamina and energy, especially if all day doing work that requires extra energy.

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For those who want to stay up or work overtime Teh Talua can also be a supplement for the eyes lit up overnight.rather than consuming energy-packed drinks, mending Teh Talua. Natural.

Restore Vitality Body After Tired of Working Weight

In addition to increasing stamina before work, Teh Talua is also suitable to restore the vitality of the body, such as after illness, after fatigue work, by consuming tea talua guaranteed body will fit again.

Delaying Hungry

Protein in eggs can also make us feel full longer, so by consuming Teh Talua concentration will not be disturbed by hunger.

Good For Eyes

Inside the egg yolks that are the ingredients of Tea Talua are carotenoids. Well this substance can reduce the risk of age-related degeneration disease and cataracts.this substance acts as an antioxidant to the eye, against free radicals that can damage some parts of the retina

Rich in Vitamins

Inside the egg yolks that are the ingredients of Tea Talua are many vitamins like vitamin A, D, E and K which are found only in egg yolks, not in egg whites.

Stamina Male Adult

Well for those who already married, especially men, it is recommended to consume tea Talua, especially before menunaikan marital relationship. Because Teh Talua can increase stamina.

How? Dunsanak also like to consume tea talua? But remember do not overdo it. Because something excessive is not good.

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