Benefits and side effects of mahogany

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Good evening steemeans everything, this time I will post a very phenomenal work is the benefits of the mahogany that we rarely know and its side effects.



In between we may already know many mahogany trees. The famous tree has a large body is often used for timber for various purposes. Like other plants, this sturdy tree also has flowers, fruits, and seeds to multiply. Did you know, there are many benefits of mahogany seeds for the health of our bodies, and this is what we will discuss this time.

Mahogany is a large tree with a height reaching 35-40 meters, the diameter of the wooden trunk reaches 125 cm. This tree has a cylindrical rod and is straight. The outer skin is blackish brown, while still young, the skin is grayish and smooth. Newly planted mahogany will flower approximately at the age of 7 years.

This plant originated from the West Indies, can grow in the brackish sand near the coast. Today, mahogany trees (Swietenia macrophylla) grow in most Asian countries.Not only the properties of mahogany seeds are very useful for our health, mahogany is also often used for various purposes of textiles, and also make cabinets, chairs, tables or various beautiful carvings.

In almost all countries where mahogany grows, mahogany seeds are commonly used as herbal remedies that help improve blood circulation, treat diabetes, and cure impotence.although scientific evidence that confirms its efficacy as a herbal remedy is still weak, many people who claim to have felt the efficacy of this mahogany seeds.

Content of Mahogany Seeds

There are at least three active ingredients in the seeds of mahogany fruit that are beneficial to health: flavonoids, saponins and alkaloids.let's look at one by one the properties of each of these substances:


Flavonoids are phenolic compounds that contain a lot of plant pigments. Flavonoids are beneficial to humans especially because they are antioxidants that can eradicate free radicals and toxins and improve the immune system.the anti-oxidizing properties present in the flavonoid content create effective mahogany seed properties against various diseases, such as LDL buildup, high blood pressure and heart problems.

Flavonoids can accelerate blood circulation, help improve the cardiovascular system, cleanse the blood vessels from blockage by cholesterol, and prevent arteriosclerosis.Flavonoid has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent inflammation of tissue. Flavonoids act as painkillers during minor injuries.


Benefits of the next seed of mahogany is obtained from Saponin, saponins are glucosides that form soap foam when mixed with water.This saponin is a natural soap derived from plants and has a hypoglycemic nature when used as a snack.

Saponin content of mahogany seeds make it a powerful natural remedy for people with diabetes mellitus.although saponins are soap, will not poison in warm-blooded animals when ingested, including in humans.

Based on a study by Smith et al from Ekiti State University, Nigeria, and published in the Journal of Drug Delivery & Therapeutics, reveals that the hypoglycemic effects of saponins are even stronger than generic antidiabetic drugs, especially metformin.therefore we can conclude one of the properties of the seeds of mahogany that is proven as a natural diabetes remedy to maintain blood sugar levels remain normal.

In addition to helping fight diabetes, other properties of mahogany seeds include:

Research published by the National Institutes of Health states that saponins contain anti-allergic and antihistamine effects, making these mahogany seeds a powerful remedy for various health problems associated with allergies, especially asthma. Research also shows that saponins have the potential to overcome erectile dysfunction, especially those related to diabetes.experiments in mice have shown that administration of high-dose saponins in rats managed to increase the rat's intracavernous pressure ratio.many herbs containing saponins, especially ginseng, have been taken regularly by men to increase their masculinity. Saponins are an effective remedy for blood clotting and insomnia.


Other important benefits of mahogany seeds are mediated by their alkaline content. It is well known that most diseases occur when the body's pH level is too low or acidic.everything that pollutes the body, including toxins and free radicals, is acidic. The alkaloids content of mahogany seeds is effective to detoxify the body and prevent oxidation and the damaging effects of the acidic properties.

Consuming the seeds of mahogany regularly will make the body more immune to cancer, plus the immune system will increase significantly.

Benefits of Benefits of Mahogany Seed for Health



The explanation of the content and usefulness of mahogany seeds below, however, is still limited to theoretical concepts, and so far, the clues that confirm the efficacy of the mahogany seeds are based solely on anecdotal reports. Further research is still needed to clarify the beneficial effects of this mahogany seed as well as its side effects.


Efficacy of the first mahogany seed is able to treat hypertension. Simply by collecting 8 grams of mahogany seeds, then brewed with 2 glasses of hot water. After cool then filter and divide into two parts / glass.
Drink in the morning and afternoon.

2. Controlling Blood Sugar

Another benefit is that mahogany seeds can be used to treat diabetes or high blood sugar levels. Eat 1/2 teaspoon of mahogany powder with warm water before meals, will help you reduce and stabilize blood sugar. Saponin substances in mahogany, is the most instrumental in helping to lower blood levels to normal.

3. insect repellent

The efficacy of the third mahogany seed is as an insect repellent. When the mahogany seed is made into a powder, it can serve as an insect spray.for those who live in the tropics or where there are enough insects, can use mahogany powder as an additional intake to help strengthen the body against diseases caused by insects or transmitted by insects.

4. Treating Constipation

Mahogany seeds can also be used to cure constipation.consumption of this fruit (mashed) then mixed with warm water to relieve constipation.

5. Menstrual Pain

One way to overcome the pain during menstruation is to use herbal medicine from the seeds of mahogany.consuming mahogany seeds early in the menstrual cycle, will reduce the pain.

6. Making Women More Fertile

Somehow, consuming 1 mahogany per day, will increase your fertility. Especially if you are a woman who has not had children and want to feel the pregnancy.

7. increase appetite

If you often lose your appetite, then mahogany can be a solution. Simply consume 1 seed every day, until it regains your appetite again.

8. Cure Fever and Cold

Efficacy of mahogany seeds are also able to cure flu (colds) and fever.take 1/2 teaspoon mahogany powder mixed with 1/4 cup hot water with a tablespoon of honey. Drink while still warm, drink 2-3 times a day.

9. Eczema and Rheumatism

Take 1/2 teaspoon of mahogany powder and put in 1/2 cup hot water, add one tablespoon of honey. Drink while still warm. Do it three times a day.

Another benefit of Mahogany

Extraction of mahogany and seeds is a nutritional-rich nutritional supplement.efficacy of other mahogany seeds are:

Removes free radicals with antioxidants Reduces fat in the blood stream Able to reduce cholesterol levels, and boosts the immune system Consuming regular mahogany seeds will help to improve health,
which makes life more qualified.

Side effects of Mahogany Seeds


The key to avoid side effects is to consume with the recommended safe level.

Saponin, consuming too much saponin will cause gallstones.saponins also act as steroids. Flavonoids, consume flavonoids in amounts not more than 200 mg.

Generally, according to tradition and customs consuming mahogany seeds is enough 1 seed every day. From there it is enough to get the health effects as expected.always consult a health care practitioner for further information, complaints and medical assistance.

Because of the relative absence of conclusive research on mahogany and its health effects, the side effects of this mahogany are as unclear as the benefits.there is currently no consumer report that says this fruit causes side effects, however, based on scientifically tested theories, there are undesirable effects that may occur if the active flavonoid ingredients are consumed excessively.

According to a study published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine, flavonoids have a tendency to have mutagenic and genotoxic normal doses, these harmful properties will not appear and flavonoids remain beneficial. If taken excessively, these antioxidants will turn into pro-oxidants and mutagen.

Excessive consumption of flavonoids will cause a more dangerous boomerang for the body.regarding mahogany seeds for menstruation, we have not received a proper reference to their health impact. Although there is currently no research on the mahogany that adopted this theory, better be careful when eating this mahogany fruit seeds.

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