5 Food Healthy to Penderita Cancer Awareness

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With breast cancer is not only requires treatment more intensive to fight cancer that exist within the body. But also need healthy food that good for dukung treatment and help fight cancer. Good food certainly food that have benefits physically, mentally and emotionally, as well as 5 healthy food for patients with breast cancer following.


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The well was tomato sauce, juice tomatoes, or tomato consumed directly can be used as a healthy food for cancer patients, khususnya kanker breasts. The content of vitamin C high in the tomatoes is claimed to strengthen imunitas body and against free radicals ray of chemotherapy. Even the tomatoes also help redakan a sense of foreboding in the mouth over the course of chemotherapy.

Fats from fish

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Fish sea good for patients with breast cancer is like tuna, salmon, tongkol, and other in which contains the acid omega 3 high. If there is no fish sea, then freshwater fish can also be consumed than eating fat of meat.


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The milk with the product olahannya also became one of the there must be on each day, because this milk contain vitamin D, calcium, and the protein that is needed to take care of bone density. Choose also yoghurt that at the same time take care of bacteria good didalam pencernaan.

The chicken without fat

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Please you choose skinless chicken, because the kind of it gives the intake of protein that is good. The chicken help recovery in the aftermath of chemotherapy and penuhi the needs of protein and other nutrients needed by the body.

Green vegetables

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Please you choose broccoli, sawi, kankung, buncis, lettuce, dan sayur hijau lainnya, especially green concentrated because rich acid folat, calcium, as well as in iron that not only good for the bone but also the intake of healthy red blood cells. In general, green vegetables is also rich content of vitamin.

Thus the information that we could share about 5 healthy food for patients with breast cancer. Hopefully we can be useful.


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