Update of @SuccessTeamBD Curation Trail: 20 April '19. [Welcoming New Followers]

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Sharing another update of @SuccessTeamBD Curation Trail.

Last Update 15 April '19

If you'd like to see details about the trail...
Trailbase of SuccessTeamBD.

How is it going?

Now we have 31 followers on the trail with a total of 3700+ SP.
Let's welcome our newest followers @tinyhousecryptos and @ernestapondo.
Thanks for showing interest in our curation trail.
Don't hesitate to comment in latest post if you guys wanna say something or wanna give any advise.

Members of Curation Trail

Serial NoSteemit UsernameActive SP
01@ashikstd1200+ SP
02@nazmul1996600+ SP
03@minhaz007400+ SP
04@tinyhousecryptos200+ SP
05@mdaminulislam200+ SP
06@ariful9551100+ SP
07@naymur100+ SP
08@ernestapondo100+ SP
09@stats-generatorBelow 100 SP
10@shawonsahriarBelow 100 SP
11@tanjitBelow 100 SP
12@bosssteemBelow 100 SP
13@juwel2018Below 100 SP
14@mahimrafuBelow 100 SP
15@tintintouhidBelow 100 SP
16@minhaz416Below 100 SP
17@anon9Below 100 SP
18@tamim45Below 100 SP
19@lazybugBelow 100 SP
20@ismailsagor13Below 100 SP
21@fahimmostofaBelow 100 SP
22@mkskamrulBelow 100 SP
23@khairulhasanBelow 100 SP
24@sahriarshawonBelow 100 SP
25@evan101Below 100 SP
26@ariful.islamBelow 100 SP
27@billal133Below 100 SP
28@ushnorahmanBelow 100 SP
29@hiruhanifBelow 100 SP
30@goodcontentbot2Below 100 SP
31@awhaleBelow 100 SP

Let's make this trail more popular and in this way; we'll be able to get more upvotes.

The trail is active now.
And you don't need to follow the trail with 100% voting weight.
Just follow with the voting weight as we want in the below chart.

Active Steem PowerVoting Weight
Below 100100%

If you have more than 2000 Active Steem Power; then make sure that peoples are getting around 0.005$ from your upvote.
It's the minimum requirement.

Members following the trail are getting 29 upvotes from the trail everyday in a post and it'll increase if more peoples show interests in our curation trail.

And this account might resteem posts of members of the trail and that's a free service for em only.

Loan from @Ariful.Islam:
After refunding every donations all though it was not meant to be refundable.
We still owe Ariful.Islam some amount.
Now we owe him 8.485 Minus 2Steem.

So, this was the update for now.

Start follow out trail and get some more upvotes.
If you don't know what to do to follow the curation trail of successteambd; then go to the following link and you'll know better.
Curation Trail of SuccessTeamBD

Thanks everyone.
Steem on.

"Let's Grow Together"

"Together We Can Achieve Success"


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